Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quirks or Confessions???

I am just not good at cooking. I can bake but can not cook. Everything is bland and either over or under cooked. Never tastes right. I have no originality or creativity when it comes to cooking.

If I touch an onion or garlic my hands smell like it for days. I hate it! I will sometimes make Brian cut the onions so that way my hands wont stink.

I am a hand smeller. I hate funky smelling hands. I probably was my hands every hour or two. I know, crazy but if they are not soft and clean smelling I cant stand it. I make Owen was his hands all the time. He now does it on his own.

I guess that makes me a germaphobe. I feel like I can feel them on my hands sometimes. Hence the constant washing. I think I have watched too many Dateline specials.

I am so routined, almost as bad as a baby or toddler. If I get out of my routine I have a hard time functioning. Call me crazy...some people already do!

I am obsessed with time. To a fault really. If I say I will be somewhere at a certain time you can rest easy knowing I will probably be 20-5 min early. If I dont leave my house with 15 minutes of cushion time I am a mess. I will feel rushed and anxious. I am getting better about this as time goes. Brian helps me but its really nuts!

I can see dust bunnies in a corner but cant see piles on shelves. Needless to say, I clean well but am not organized. I am a pile person. When I clean I get all the corners of the floors perfectly but fail to see the pile of mail that should be organize or the stack of books to put away. They are in a neat pile, right?

I am an awful procrastinator! I put everything off until the very last minute. This is so bad and I know it. I am even procrastinating on stopping procrastinating!

I cant sleep unless I am in my own bed. I doesnt matter how comfortable I am I can sleep. I will fall asleep and wake constantly through the night then wake up as soon as its light out.

So there it is, I am CRAZY!!! Isnt everyone???

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