Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I am going to complain for a minute

I am not very pregnant yet. In fact I am 18.5 weeks. So why on earth am I having problems with my hip popping and I feel like I have been hit by a truck. I am sore all over. I get this awful cramp in my foot everytime I walk. I have been walking a 2-3 miles a few times a week to try to get some excersise. I know that could have something to do with me being sore but my hip was popping before that. It was only when I would walk up the stairs but now it is all the time. It isnt too painful yet. I am hoping it doesnt become painful.

I think I will start prenatal yoga soon. It will help joints and allow for more flexibility. I just need to find time or a sitter. I think I can get dvds or something and just do it at home.

Gas when you are pregnant is awful. I have never had such gas pains in my life. Not even with Owen. Granted I am eating tons of fiber which doesnt help but its awful. I sit up and I feel like there are needles shooting up into my stomach. I have a gas dance I do to get things moving. Owen laughs at me when I do it. I look like I am doing the hula dance.

Other than that I feel great. I would much rather a sore hip and back than vomiting everything I eat and wanting to hurl everytime I smell something. My headaches have gotten a little bit better. I believe its all sinus related! I have tons of energy although I run out of it quick. I really do love being pregnant. I will take these aches and pains any day.

This morning Owen was laying next to me and rolled over and started talking to the baby. He said "Good morning, baby. I love you". Then he went and got the frog he got for the baby at christmas time. He told the baby to cuddle with it. It was so cute. We have been telling him to talk to the baby everyday so when he comes out he will recognize his voice (thats right, I said "he" and next sentence could be "she" because I dont know what to call baby).

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