Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Baby is Beautiful!!!

Happy St. Patricks day to all of those of you who are Irish. We are proudly Irish!!! Owen got to wear green to school today so they didnt have to wear uniforms. Other than that we didnt really celebrate.


We did have our ultrasound today. We have a beautiful, healthy, absolutely perfect baby!!! The doctor told us our baby is very photogenic. Although throughout most of the ultrasound the baby was laying on the belly. So we couldnt get very good face shots.

Here are the little feet

Eventually the baby turned to face the camera and we got some great shots.



Most of you know that we were so set on not finding out what the sex is. We are so excited for the surprise at the end.

Last night I was getting weak. I was second guessing our decision to not find out. Brian stayed strong. He reconvinced me of our decision. Today we were in the elevator going to our appointment and he was getting weak. He wanted to find out the sex so we can all be more connected to the baby. I was staying strong. I told him we didnt need to find out.

Well, get us in the room and we are both questioning our decision to find out. We were back and fourth the whole five minutes we were in there waiting for the tech. Once she came in we still were undecided. She finally asked us if we were finding out the sex. We looked at eachother, nodded and told her we wanted to find out. So we did!!! And we are having a (drum roll please)...


ITS A BOY!!!!!

We are so excited. We couldnt be happier. I love being the mother of a boy. Adding another one to my life just makes it more enjoyable for me. Now I have my three guys. They mean the world to me. Owen is so excited. He wanted it to be a boy from the very beginning. When we told him he was all smiles.

Now we feel like we can all connect to the baby. We know who we are talking to instead of the constant wonder of he or she. We can narrow down a name and call him by name. Owen can call the baby his brother. There are so many positives to finding out. We just couldnt wait!!!

So, this has been a great St. Patty's Day! We are so excited and ready for our new chapter!

Here is a 20 week shot of me

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