Friday, October 31, 2008


Owen had a halloween party at school today. Luckily I work two streets away and was able to sneak out for an hour and see him at school. They had a parade and then a performer by the name of Tom Webber came to sing for them. He comes into school a few times a month so he knows all the kids and all the kids LOVE him! Owen was Wolverine. He was so excited to wear this costume. We got it a month ago and made him hold off until today. We put it in the closet so it would be out of sight. He didnt forget for a second that it was in there. We still have to go trick or treating tonight. I am excited for that. Owen has had a whole day of Halloween. He is going to be so tired tonight.

The Claw

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Pictures

Here is the start of my Photography life!!! It is nothing great, I am still practicing!

A Walk down a path in Westport
My Handsome Guy

Some really pretty flowers on the side of the road.

I will probably post more as I go but for now these were just fun to take.
Owen practically runs away from me when I take my camera out. Hopefully this weekend I will get some good shots of him. I will be making up a photoshoot at my house and will be letting him throw balls at me so I am sure he will love that. We will see how it comes out. I think the more I practice the better I will get. Hopefully someday I will be a professional photographer.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Bday

My birthday was yesterday and while yesterday kind of sucked due to me having to work the weekend was great. I had a really great birthday weekend.

On Friday night I received the second best gift I have ever gotten (1st being my camera). I got a goodie bag from my husband. It had a 70-300mm lens, camera bag, two batteries, camera cleaning kit, picture saving program and tripod. Who could ask for anything better. Well the next day I got a pair of uggs from my mother!!!! I have been wanting a pair and was going to get a pair in the next few weeks when voila!!!! My mother got me a pair for my bday! How awesome is that. On Saturday we got to have a night out. We went to an eighties themed party in NJ. It was so much fun. Owen stayed with my mom. Of course he had a blast. He got to see his cousins and my aunts and uncles. On Sunday when we picked him up Bill and my mom had us stay for a nice ham dinner. Kris came up and ate with us. It was a really relaxing Sunday at my moms. Bill cooked an awesome dinner (as usual). My mom and Owen baked me a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and pink writing (per Owens request). Owen thinks I have to have a pink cake and mermaid stuff. I guess its because I am a girl and that's what girls have.

Then there is the gift card I got from Brians parents from Ritz camera. They are always sooooo thoughtful!!! I will be going there very soon to get a flash. That will complete my kit (for now). The rest will be up to me. I have to work hard at taking pictures. Some how get paid and add on to my equipment! I really dont know what to say about this past bday other than thank you everyone for making it great.
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