Friday, July 24, 2009

Owens Mid-Week Birthday!

Tuesday was Owens 5th Birthday. He woke up in the morning, hobbled into my room all sleepy eyed and woke me up with his scratchy morning voice, "its morning time mommy". This is what he does every morning when he wakes up. I usually roll over or have him crawl into bed and cuddle. On this morning I jumped out of bed and started saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", "Who is 5 years old???". I think I embarassed him a little bit at first because he just crawled into my bed with a smirk on his face and layed there not talking. Once it finally hit him the questions started rolling in like, "Is it my birthday all day?", "Will it still be my birthday tomorrow?", "When will I be 6?". I answered every single one for quite some time. Through out the morning he would say things like "since its my birthday can I...". I found it cute that he thought he could get away with things since it was his birthday. Of course I did let him get away with a few things here and there but for the most he had to follow the rules.

Once he got to school he had to tell everyone he saw it was his birthday. I am sure he did it every chance he got that day. I took a half day from work so I could bring treats to school. Normally when its nice out they play outside when it is nap time for everyone else. My plan was to bring in popsicles for the class and sing Happy Birthday. It ended up raining but Owen still wanted me to bring in pops. So I did. I went there around 2. They all had pops and sang to Owen. He was loving it but really only cared that he got to go home early. So we left.

Once we got home we relaxed a little then made brownies. Owen does not like cake much at all so he requested brownies and chocolate ice cream for his birthday dessert. He also requested grilled cheese and soup for dinner. What the birthday boy wants the birthday boy shall get! After that he got to open his presents. We only got him a a couple gifts because we have this coming week off and are doing some fun stuff that week for his bday. We decided that for his birthday from now on we will get him a few gifts to open and do something fun as a family. Create the memories.

To be honest, the kid gets "gifts" all year round. He gets a toy, plays with it for a day or two then it dies in the toy box. I want to say that I dont believe in toys but that is just silly. I will probably continue to buy him cheap toys that he only play with for a few days.

We are having a small (if you can call it that between our two families) party, immediate family only. It should be fun...Owen is excited. We are having pizza and cake! I am baking two cakes for it. I am sure there will be plenty of pictures. I will post some next week!

So anyways...I think he had a great mid-week birthday.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Time Flies

I can not get over how fast the past five years of my life have gone by. There have been good times and bad times but over all looking back most were good. The bad times have really built our family into what it is today. We would not be where we are now with out the blood, sweat and tears. I know most of you reading this are wondering what was so hard but believe me...every family has their struggles. Some are different than others but a hardship is a hardship.

Owen is the turning five in a few weeks and it is just making me think how fast this time has gone by. I have been married for five years. If these past five years have flown this fast I cant imagine how fast the next five with come. I just wonder whats next in our lives! Sometimes I wish I could see into the future.

I truly believe that if you are a good person that good things will happen to you. You may go through ups and downs but in the end something good will come out of it! At least thats how I try to live.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Things I am grateful for!

I would like to take a moment and list out some of the things I am grateful for in my life. I often times get caught up in the day to day drag and forget to realize what I really am lucky to have!

  • My health and the health of my family
  • A smart, beautiful, funny, loving, kind, talented husband who is my best friend and the best friend anyone could ask for
  • A son who is just like his dad and the best thing that could have happened to me and Brian. He makes us smile everyday.
  • Great family and friends that I dont get to talk to as much as I would like to but they are still very important to me
  • Food in my cupboards
  • Cars that run and get us to and fro
  • A hobby that I love and am lucky enough to beable to persue
  • My pet snake that requires no attention from me at all (LOL)
  • Our beautiful home that is right near the water and the wonderful landlord that we have who lets us live in peace
  • The beach being so close
  • The trees that cover our house and provide shade so we do not have to run AC's (it gets a little hot at times but its worth not having to use the electricty to run the ACs)
  • True Blood on Demand
  • Twilight (cant wait for New Moon to come out)
  • (you can get any and everything you need in one place)
  • ebay (you can sell any and everything you dont want and people really buy it)

That is all for now. I know some of those listed above are sort of silly but I really am grateful for alot in my life and need to take more time to express my gratitude!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Our 4th of July weekend was really good. Friday we hung out all day and around 4 we went to the bday party of one of Owens friends. It was really fun. Saturday we spent a good part of the day at the beach then came home for dinner and a little rest before we went to watch fireworks down the street from us. Sunday was a lazy day...we did NOTHING!!!!

Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend.

End of the school year!

I am a few weeks late on this...

Owens graduation went really well. He was not feeling good that day (some kind of viral infection) but he made it through just fine. The theme of the day was "Puff the Magic Dragon". They sang the theme song from that movie. Then they did a little dance number called "The Cha Cha Slide". He really got into that one!

The next day we went to the zoo and while Owen still was not feeling well he had fun. He was so happy that I got to chaperon.

Now that the school year is done they have started their summer program which is a little bit more laid back. Alot of his friends have moved on to other summer camps before starting kindergarten. He is one of only a few left in the class. The rest of the kids are younger and have moved up from the three year old class. He will be ready for school by the end of the summer.

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