Saturday, December 24, 2011

Shift Made

So its final. The new blog is up and ready. I have imported my posts from here so everything is there. Sadly, I will no longer be updating this blog. Its time for a change. Click here to see the new blog. You can enter your email address to receive updates and notifications of new posts. Its really easy to use! I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Switch

I am contemplating switching my blog from blogger to wordpress. I am not very happy with the templates and while I can change some of the html to customize it I am not familiar with the html so I always mess it up and risk the chance of messing the whole thing up. I have done some research and think I will be happy at wordpress. Once I make the final switch I will post the link. For now I am just testing it out. This blog will still be here but I will no longer post to it. I am going to see if I can bring this blog over to wordpress. I am not sure how it works.

I will keep you all updated!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Its Official!

Its official...Its Christmas!

The tree is up, the decorations are coming along.

Finally I feel it.

Its like its not really Christmas time until the tree is up. At least thats how I feel anyway.

We went to a farm and cut down our own tree this year.

Shane or should I say Mr. Independent took advantage of his freedom. The only thing is, he thought he was much more stable than he actually was. He fell all over the place and the ground was a mess. Needless to say, he was a mess.

Owen loved the tree farm as well. He had endless space to run and did just that.

I have entered the "its impossible to keep the kids still to take a nice picture" stage. Shane wants no part of being held down. Owen surprisingly will stop for a moment and smile.

The big question was how to do the three this year. I knew for a fact that if I put ornaments on the tree Shane would try to get them and would succeed. So we came up with lights and bows only. Tree pics to come. I have been trying to master the bow-tying thing. I will get it eventually.

A little lightage on the stairs!

The kids are really into it this year. Well Owen is always into it and Shane just kind of follows along.

I am obsessed with this website I found. Its called Pintrest. You need an invite but once you get one you wont be able to step away from your computer. You can look up anything that interests you and pin it to a board. I do mine by category. I am obsessed.  I have gotten so many amazing ideas already.

I love the holidays and everything that goes with them.

I am really into making my own decorations this year. I think I have always wanted to do this but never actually did it. So this year, I went crazy. Well not really crazy but I have been crafting away. And cant wait to buy a home and decorate it. I am all about the DIY!!!!  

Pics to come of the decor. 

Happy Tuesday!!!
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