Thursday, July 29, 2010


We thought last night was going to be the night. I was having stong (stronger than normal) contractions and they were every few minutes. Then they would break for 20 min and start again. So we ate dinner, cleaned up and showered in preparation to leave at some point for the hospital. Well after my shower I sat in bed with my phone ready to time them. THEY STOPPED!!!! So it wasnt the time. 11 more days!!!


Owens birthday party turned out great, smaller than planned but still great. It was very, very hot and muggy but out back yard is fully shaded and there was a decent breeze. So as long as we sat still outside we were fine. Thanks to everyone that came and braved the heat.

Owen had his first pinata. It wasnt really that great. After the first wack by Owen the loop it was hanging from broke so rockstar dad decided to hold the pinata while the kids hit it. It backfired real quick. He got wacked by each Boissonneault kid.


All is well that ends well. They got two pounds of candy and had a blast doing it.


My mom picked up the cake. It was so neat looking. It was the perfect cake for the day!
Thanks Mom!


Everyone sang to Owen and he got a little embarrased. Then he blew out the candles, spit and all. Thankfully we are all family!!!



My smarty pants boy decided it would be funny to smash his face into the cake. I was a little irritated with that but then after seeing this face how could I stay mad and in all honesty, it was funny!


He had a great party and got tons of great stuff.


Thanks again to everyone who came!! I know it was hot!!!\

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I am not sure how to act in these situations as I have never been a mother before. Lately Owen has decided that when he doesnt get what he wants he can tell me that I am the meanest mom ever. Do I punish him for that or ignore it. I dont want him thinking he can talk to adults that way. He feels like he can say what ever he wants to me. That is just not happening.

For instance, this morning, he was putting his shoes on and all of a sudden decided that he wanted a different toy than one that he had picked out last week at the grocery store. When we were there he had the hardest time picking out what he wanted. He finally made is choice and I double checked with him to make sure. He was positive he wanted the two headed dragon instead of the octopus. Well today he has changed his mind. Had a little melt down, asked me to go get him the one he wants and I said no. So now I am the meanest mom ever and he is never sitting next to me again. With my hormones being the way they are I am somewhat offended. Usually it rolls off my shoulders. Today I am annoyed that he thinks he can talk that way to me. I feel like I do for this kid all the time and he doesnt ever remember. I know he doesnt mean what he says but I dont want to do things for him when he talks like that. So I sent him to his room and told him to come out when he could be nice.

Then he came out asking for gum. I said no, you dont speak to me like that and then get rewarded with gum. Which leads us to the next melt down and another and another. We have had a morning of melt downs. I feel like I am about to melt down. All of this because he decided he has changed his mind and wants a different toy.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good-bye to Social Networking

I am going through a "done-with-social-networking-phase". I feel like I am too out there for the world to see. Not that the world is looking but I need to back off a bit. I am not saying I am done for good. I am really stepping away bit by bit.

Starting with Twitter. In my mind its useless information. Why is it that I need to know what others think and feel every second of the day and why do I think they want to know what I think and feel every second of the day. I think Twitter is good for some companies to keep track of their employees and its a great marketing tool. I may be back when and if I start working for myself.

Next will be facebook. I will not get rid of my FB acct. I will minimize it as best I can. Starting with the pictures. I have way too many pictures up. I love how easy it is to stay connected and see what is going on in your loved ones lives but at this point my whole life is on fb. Time to take some albums down.

I am going to centralize my online life to this blog. Pictures will be posted as they are taken along with blurbs about what is happening in our life. I will then post a link to the post on fb so those who want to see can and those that dont can simply keep scrolling.

I am not sure what has brought this on but I do know it has been a long time coming. It could be because I am a hormonal mess or it could be that I just cant keep up with everything. I have so much going on in my real life that I cant and dont want to focus on the on-line life.

Blogging has been a great form of expression for me. I dont know who sees it and it really doesnt matter. I just like that I can get my thoughts out and go back and read them. Its the perfect way for my friends and family to keep up with us and see what is going on.

So for now I will take my time and clean up Facebook and have deleted my twitter acct. I may be back some day but for now I am done.

Friday, July 23, 2010

In case you were wondering this is my 100th Post!!! How exciting!

100th post Pictures, Images and Photos


So no baby yet. I am getting very impatient. I just want my guy to be here. I am so uncomfortable, achey, sore, and just plain old impatient. I went to the doctor today and I am still only one centimeter. I am having what I think to be contractions but they are not very regular. Today I am especially sore and crampy. They are much stronger than normal. My hips are in so much pain. They keep spasming and going out. Its not very comfortable.

We are ready and waiting!



I am not really sure that any more baby is going to fit in here. At this point I think my stomach has stretched out as much as it possibly can!




Owens Birthday party is this weekend. It is supposed to be 96 and humid. WOAH Hotness! I will be a sweaty mess. Oh well. Its worth it to celebrate my boys sixth year of life!!!

Pics to come!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My baby is growing up!

At 6:03 on July 21, 2004 we welcomed our beautiful first born son. He has been the love of our life ever since. I can not believe it has been six years. And here I am getting ready to do it all over again.

I love birthdays so much. I feel like its the one day a year to celebrate your life (well everyday is a celebration) but I get to make a big deal about it.
So I picked up some streamers and balloons and went to town on the stairs.

Owen woke up to it and though he was groggy and a little cranky I know he loved it.



It didnt take too long before he took down a balloon and wanted to play with it.

He had the choice to stay home today or go to camp. What do you think he chose, camp of course. Especially because they went to the movies today. I told him I would bake some cupcakes and bring them after lunch. So I spent the morning baking and frosting and then brought them to camp for he and his friends.

One of his friends has the same bday as him so the cupcakes were in celebration of both of them.

This weekend is Owens birthday party. We are excited to celebrate with family and friends. I am not so excited about the 90 degree humid weather we are going to be having that day but I guess I will survive. My hands and feet may explode but its all in good fun!

Friday, July 16, 2010

To defend or not to defend...

Yesterday was a big day in the world of parenting. Owen has been being bullied a little bit at camp by some kid. His counselor says that this kid is constantly antagonizing Owen and some other kids. Of course my first question is "is it both ways?". I felt bad asking this but if you know Owen you know he is not innocent in any way. I am pretty fair in believing it takes two. Well she said Owen really doesn't ever do anything to deserve this kid doing what he does.

According to Owen this kids punches him and makes fun of him. So yesterday when they were playing dodge ball and Owen had the ball, the kid punched Owen and took it from him. Well Owen walked up to him and punched him back.

Normally we have a "HANDS OFF" policy. There is never any hitting or punching allowed. In this situation Brian and I feel that Owen had the right to defend himself. Never once did we say it was OK to hit this boy. I simply told him that we do not hit EVER. I am in no way mad at Owen for what he did. To be honest this kid had it coming.

My nephew Evan was with me when the counselor was telling me what happened. He was apparently listening very intently. Later, when we were on the beach having an ice cream he says "Who is this boy, is he five? I will beat him up if he messes with Owen!!!"

Again, I don't condone hitting or punching but how cute is that. He wants to defend his cousin. I just thanked him and said it would not be necessary. We don't need to beat anyone up.

So Brian and I feel we made the right choice in not punishing Owen for what he did. I feel like it will not be the last time he gets into it with someone. Owen is not an aggressive kid and although he has a mouth he is not a trouble maker. He just wants to have fun all the time (which can and will get him in trouble).

So I wonder what other parents tell their children. I will always want Owen to defend hiself. Some of the kids at camp and at school are pretty tough and come from not so good homes. I just want him to be nice to everyone but stand up for himself. I know, it seems like I want it all! I kind of do (hehehe).

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The end is near

As my due date gets closer and closer I keep thinking that it really could be any day that he decides to make his grand entrance. I am 36 weeks as of Sunday. I know he will come when he is good and ready but I beginning to get impatient. I just want to hold him so bad. I want him to sleep in his crib and get loved by his big brother. We are ready NOW!!!

There is no doubt in my mind that this baby will be born into a home filled with so much love. We all love him so much already so there is no doubt in my mind that once he arrives that love will intensify!!! His brother will hug him and kiss him, his parents will not be able to get enough of him.

Baby Shane, we love you so much. Please come soon!!!


As much as I have loved every second of this pregnancy I am getting to the point where I am just done being pregnant. I dream of putting on a nice pair of jeans and being able to button them. I taste the wine that I will enjoy once I am done breastfeeding. I want to go for a nice long jog, work out my aggression and be able to take that deep breath at the end of a work out. I know that I wont be getting sleep once he arrives but I also know that I am not getting any now. I am sore and achy no matter what I do. I just want to lay on my belly and get maybe two hours of sleep where I am not achy and sore from laying on one side for too long.

Its a crime that women have to be pregnant for nine full months! It should be eight months. This last month is torture. Again, I have loved being pregnant this whole time. I endured the first three months of sickness because I knew the end result would be amazing. I had no complaints during the second trimester. I had tons of energy, was active and felt great. The third trimester has been great to me so far but I am so done!!!


Owen has been in camp since last week. He loves it. He is outside all day. He is playing with his friends all day long. He goes with a bunch of kids in the neighborhood. The first day I dropped him off he ran up to his friends and was so excited to see them. As I drove away I looked over at them and saw them all laying on the ground making fart noises with their knees.

I am noticing a little change in him though. He seems to be quite the hypochondriac these days. Everyday he comes home with a story about how he got stung by a jelly fish or almost broke a bone. He is telling all these stories. I am not sure where it comes from. I keep telling him that if he is always saying he is sick or hurt no one will believe him when he is really hurt or sick. I don't ever believe him or take him seriously when he tells me he has a belly ache, head ache, sore throat or his toe hurts. I know it sounds mean but really he says he has one or all of those things everyday. When the fun is over his belly hurts. But when there is a chance for him to have fun its magically all better. I hope he grows out of this soon.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Good Things Come in Three's

So this is a big year! It seems like the years we have kids lots of great things happen. I guess its all in how you look at it.

On New Years this year I made my predictions to Brian. I said that I thought my sister would get engaged and his brother would get engaged. Well one prediction has come true. My sister got engaged last night!!! I can not even begin to express my excitement. MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!! I cant even believe it.

Really I can believe it. She has been with Bryan for four or more years. He is THE ONE!!! I knew he would pop the question a few weeks ago but my lips were sealed. He called the big sister to make sure he was on the right track with the ring. I told him anything he picked out would be what she wanted. He put thought into it and got her the perfect ring!

I wouldn't be surprised if she had the whole thing planned out already. She has been wanting to get married for so long. They have the house, both have careers and marriage is the next step. Plus they want to have babies!!! I can only see good things coming for them now.

It seems like great things come in threes, sister got engaged, my cousin is getting married next weekend and I am having a baby in 5.5 weeks. I hope they come in more than threes because I just love when good things happen.

The year Owen was born good things happened too. The Patriots won the super bowl, Uconn ladies won the final four and the Sox won the world series. I would say that was three things but then we had Owen so it would really be four.

Anyways, I just love when happy things happen. This is how it should be!

Kristin, I am so happy for you and so proud of you. You are such a strong and beautiful woman. Congratulations and good luck. I am here with you every step of the way. No matter what you need I am here! I love you!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Getting Closer and Closer

So time is flying by and we are slowly but surely ready to welcome our newest little family member. We ordered our crib yesterday. Clothes and blankets are getting washed, strollers assembled, house is getting cleaned, we are just taking the steps to make our house ready for our guy! I cant wait.

I have been nesting like crazy. Its hard to do the nesting I have been doing because I really want to redecorate our house or just move to a new one. I want to change everything around and make it like new. I cant do it myself and have been instructed by my husband not to. He wants me to stay out of the attic, and not move furniture around. We are disagreeing on how we want our room to be as far as moving furniture goes. Well guess who wins, not me!!! I cant move the bed and dresser alone so I guess it stays put.

Owen is excited too but having a hard time with all the gifts we have been getting for Shane. Luckily his birthday is coming so he will be getting plenty. But he has shown some jealousy. After the shower I was showing them everything that we got and Owen was getting upset that he couldn't have some of the stuff for himself. We told him his brother should be able to have some new stuff to himself. That is when he ran into the kitchen pouting and didn't want to talk to us for 10 min. Brian and I believe that we should let him be and not feed into the demands. He wants us to chase him and give him attention. Well unless he is being harmful to himself or destructive we will ignore the behavior. We expect that after six years of it being just the three of us, there will be some jealousy. I am dreading it. I don't want him to feel sad or mad. I want him to be happy all the time. I know its unrealistic. Stay tuned...I am sure there will be many interesting Owen stories to follow.
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