Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The end is near

As my due date gets closer and closer I keep thinking that it really could be any day that he decides to make his grand entrance. I am 36 weeks as of Sunday. I know he will come when he is good and ready but I beginning to get impatient. I just want to hold him so bad. I want him to sleep in his crib and get loved by his big brother. We are ready NOW!!!

There is no doubt in my mind that this baby will be born into a home filled with so much love. We all love him so much already so there is no doubt in my mind that once he arrives that love will intensify!!! His brother will hug him and kiss him, his parents will not be able to get enough of him.

Baby Shane, we love you so much. Please come soon!!!


As much as I have loved every second of this pregnancy I am getting to the point where I am just done being pregnant. I dream of putting on a nice pair of jeans and being able to button them. I taste the wine that I will enjoy once I am done breastfeeding. I want to go for a nice long jog, work out my aggression and be able to take that deep breath at the end of a work out. I know that I wont be getting sleep once he arrives but I also know that I am not getting any now. I am sore and achy no matter what I do. I just want to lay on my belly and get maybe two hours of sleep where I am not achy and sore from laying on one side for too long.

Its a crime that women have to be pregnant for nine full months! It should be eight months. This last month is torture. Again, I have loved being pregnant this whole time. I endured the first three months of sickness because I knew the end result would be amazing. I had no complaints during the second trimester. I had tons of energy, was active and felt great. The third trimester has been great to me so far but I am so done!!!


Owen has been in camp since last week. He loves it. He is outside all day. He is playing with his friends all day long. He goes with a bunch of kids in the neighborhood. The first day I dropped him off he ran up to his friends and was so excited to see them. As I drove away I looked over at them and saw them all laying on the ground making fart noises with their knees.

I am noticing a little change in him though. He seems to be quite the hypochondriac these days. Everyday he comes home with a story about how he got stung by a jelly fish or almost broke a bone. He is telling all these stories. I am not sure where it comes from. I keep telling him that if he is always saying he is sick or hurt no one will believe him when he is really hurt or sick. I don't ever believe him or take him seriously when he tells me he has a belly ache, head ache, sore throat or his toe hurts. I know it sounds mean but really he says he has one or all of those things everyday. When the fun is over his belly hurts. But when there is a chance for him to have fun its magically all better. I hope he grows out of this soon.

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