Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy to be home!

So this past Friday was my last day of work. I am now officially a full-time stay-at-home-mom! I cant even believe its finally here. I feel so free. I have time to do the things I need to do. And the things I need get done do take much longer now that I have a three pound baby growing inside of me.

I kept saying all weekend to Brian and Owen how I forget that I am done with work and that I feel like i have to go in on Tuesday. Owen said to me "Don't worry mom, I will remind you every day that you don't have to go to work." I love my little helper. He really is a helper too. He insisted on mopping the floor yesterday. I was on a cleaning spree and it was hard for me to let go and allow him to do it his way. I walked away for a little bit so I wouldn't be hovering and when I came back simply congratulated him on how great of a job he did and left the floor as is. After all, I have the time to clean it when he is at school. He was happy he could help and I was happy he wanted too. Now if I could just let go a little easier that would be helpful.

When Owen was in pre-k his teachers would spray shaving cream all over a table and let the kids go to town. Owen has been asking me to do this at home for some time now. I didn't see why we couldn't pick up a can of shaving cream and play outside on the glass table. He was in heaven. What little boy would not be in heaven being allowed to make such a mess. Brian was home and didn't know what to make of it. He had never heard of it and wanted no part in it.

He started slowly. He was so excited but didn't want to show his excitement too much. here is is shy/happy/excited/trying to stay cool face.



Dad observing but staying far away




Still not sure what to think




Nope, Dad doesn't like this at all. Not one bit. Too much of a mess for him!!!


He did assist with the clean up a bit.


These pictures only show the half of it. I put the camera away for the rest of it. He ended up getting a little bit in his hair and that was it. he was covered head to toe in shaving cream. I stripped him outside and plopped him in the shower. Brian did help in hosing off the table and the yard. All in all it was a fun time had by all.

We got to finish up that day by taking a trip to the doctor and all three of us got to hear the baby's heartbeat. He is one healthy baby. The doctors office I go to is great. They usually let Owen find the heartbeat himself.

I love that they let him be so involved. I would have him in the delivery room with me if I didn't think it would be too much. I just don't want to 1.) Have him see me in pain, 2.) Have to worry about him getting into things while I am having contractions, 3.) He would be bored to death. I think we will just wait until we have the baby and call for him immediately after.

So I hope everyone has a great long weekend. My father is here from Florida. I am heading down to Niantic for the day to hang out with him. It should be fun. I love it down there!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

To Do...

So the weekend has begun...way too early I might add. At 3:45 am my bladder woke me up and I never went back to sleep. I layed there for an hour wondering if I should stop fighting it and get up or fight it and try to fall back asleep. Well, I stopped fighting and woke up. It was better than the alternative of laying in bed, tossing and turning, getting mad at Brian for snoring, waking him up by my tossing and turning and then just being pissed that I cant go to sleep. So I woke up, came down stairs, laid on the couch and watched some tube. I really do not mind waking up before everyone in my house. Sometimes its really nice to have the peace and quiet but still know that they are right up stairs sleeping peacefully. I am definitely more content when we are all under one roof so even if they are sleeping I feel better with them home.

So the time awake by myself this morning got me thinking of all of the things I hope to do this summer. I am somewhat limited by my child growing in my belly so I wont be running any marathons or moving mountains but here is my list of To Do's for the summer. I highly recommend you make one for yourself.

Take tons of pictures
Make a website for said pictures
Make a puppet theater
Take up sewing
Orgnaize my home
Wake up Sunday mornings and take Owen to St. Mary's by the Sea

This list will get longer as the days pass. This is just the tip of the ice berg. I really want to make this summer a special one for Owen. Its our last one just the two of us and I want him to remember it forever!!!!


This weekend so much is going on. We will head up to Bristol for the day. I will be attending my cousin's fiance's bridal shower. They will be getting married in June. I am going to photograph the shower so we will see how that goes. I am excited to use my new lense. It should work perfectly for this type of situation.

Brian and Owen will be headding to Southington sadly to clean out his Grandma Birk's house. She passed away in December. They will come away with some great memories of Brian's childhood.

Then they are off to the Cowdells. Brian to play in the driveway with what ever toy/vehicle Dave has and Owen to run off with Evan. I will meet them there later in the day after the shower and probably take up residence on their couch.

Then in the evening its off to dinner and a comedy show with Brians parents and Brother for his dads birthday. Owen will be off on a dinner date with memere and poppy.

Like I said, busy day!!!!

So Sunday will be spent relaxing at home, cleaning, doing laundry and just being together!!!!

I love the weekends.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Here's to being healthy

So I got a wonderful phone call yesterday. It was from my doctors office and they called to tell me that I DON'T HAVE GESTATIONAL DIABETES!!!!!! I cant believe it. I am so happy that I don't have to worry about that this time. I owe it all to a healthy living style and the little bit of exercise I get. I had it with Owen and ate horribly, packed on the pounds and never exercised. This time is different and I am so happy it is. I am all around a healthier person. So when she called to say my test was negative I was elated because the hard work has paid off. Now that doesn't mean I don't indulge in sweets when I can but I don't do it all the time.

I am so happy to be healthy and cant wait to meet my little guy. I am 28 weeks and just getting impatient. I want to see him and see Owen with his new brother. It is so hard to picture because it has been just the three of us for a long time. This new little guy will be a wonderful addition to our family.

I had a day dream this morning that HE came out a SHE. It would not matter if that happened as we already have a girl name picked. I am just thinking about all the "stuff" that she would have that would be blue. Our girl would grow to love the color blue and she would surely love sports. I know someone who thought she was pregnant with a boy, his name was going to be Owen actually. She went all the way through thinking it was Owen she was talking to. Then in her last few weeks she had to have an ultrasound and they told her it was a girl. She was shocked. She spent the whole time getting to know and love Owen. It was a little bit of an adjustment for her I am sure. Well now she loves her daughter more than anything of course. I just keep imagining that will happen to me.

From the look of the ultrasound I had there is absolutely no mistaking that my baby is a boy.

My time at my job is coming to an end. This is bitter sweet for me. I am so happy to be a stay at home mom again. I have so many things I want to do. I am just nervous to change up my routine. I like getting out of the house for the short time I do but I also feel like I dont get enough done. So I am sad to leave but really excited to move on and refocus.

Photography will be one thing for sure I will be refocused on. I hope to get out and shoot much more than I do. I just never have the time for it. So that will be something I can do while I am home.

I have a few other projects I hope to get done. They all involve some form of manual labor so I hope I am not too uncomfortable to get them done. We shall see.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Draggy strart to my Monday...

What a great weekend it was. Brian said it was great for him as well even though he spent the day Saturday working on my car. He said to me Sunday night that he had forgotten all about his awful Friday afternoon. If you know Brian you know he doesn't just let things go. So I was happy he had a good weekend too.

Friday after school I took Owen to play at the park for a bit with his friend Will and Will's mom. It was great to let them run wild after school and get all their energy out! Then Friday night our friends Jen and Brandon came over for some dinner. I made some awesome potato salad and Brian cooked steaks on the grill and made some creamed spinach. It was an awesome dinner and we had tons of laughs. I love laughing with friends.

Saturday was equally great. My other friend Jenn (I know lots of Jenn's) came up from NJ for the day with her pup Barley. We spent the day outside. Owen had a game in the afternoon so we went to that, then went out for ice cream, then to play outside for a bit. Then we had burgers on the grill and relaxed for the evening. It was so great to just get to hang out with her all day. I love her doggy. He is such a good dog and a love bug. Owen was in his glory of course. He loves all animals but especially dogs. He loves to play with them and chase them and have them chase him. Jenn loves my boy as much as I love hers. She just wants to eat him up every time she sees him. Of course Owen loves the attention.

So all in all it was a great, relaxing weekend. Owen was tired from being outside all weekend and that is good! I like to tire my boy out. Of course it tires me out but its worth it.

So this morning went smoothly until I got in my car and it wouldn't steer. I got around the corner and parked it in the street. I called Brian to tell him, called work to say I would be late and walked home. I was not too worried as Brian assured me it was just a loose something or other. He came home, I took his car to work and he called me an hour later saying everything was all set. Its great that he now has the option to work from home when he needs to. Otherwise I would have had a day at home with no pay. I only have 9 days left at work. I would hate to not be able to make it in.

I go for my gluclose test today. I will know sometime this week or next whether I have Gestational Diabetes. I am hoping I dont. I know it wont be the end of the world but it will make life easier if I dont have it. I already eat pretty healthy so I wouldnt have to change too much. I would just have to cut out the occasional (more occasional lately) ice cream or chips.

So this weekend Owen was watching The Story of Us on the history channel with Brian. There was a woman giving birth. She was screaming in pain because as we know, its painful. Well Owen as inquisitive as ever perked right up and asked Brian what was wrong with her. He answered all Owen's questions honestly. Here is how I am told the conversation goes...

Owen: What is wrong with her?
Brian: She is giving birth.
Owen: Why is she screaming?
Brian: Because its painful. Its a big baby coming out of a small hole.
Owen: Ohhhh

So we know he pondered that for a while. Brian and I both know he thought Brian was talking about the belly button as a hole and not where the baby actually comes from. Just thinking about that makes me cringe.

So this morning Owen was telling me about this lady on TV and how she was screaming. I told him it hurts alot. He said he wouldn't scream if he had a baby. I explained to him that only mommies can have babies. He still insisted he would have been much tougher. He also told me how Brian explained that she was screaming because the baby was bigger than the hole. He proceeded to lift my shirt and look at my belly button. He checks it routinely to see "how close to the top it is". I let him think that because its so innocent and cute. There is no need for him to know what really happens. So I will continue to let him check my belly button and think his brother will come out of there (OUCH).

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mothers Day Belated

So for Mothers day Brian was set on getting me designer maternity jeans.

He knows how much I love jeans and wanted me to have a pair. I thought it was the sweetest thing. I normally would never agree to spending more than 40 bucks on maternity jeans but I would be able to wear these after for a while too. And the fact that I could sell them at some point was a bonus too. So I got them and they were two sizes too big. We werent sure how they ran so we sized up. Well the lady who had them didnt have any smaller sizes so we returned them for a refund.

So I ended up getting a new lens for my camera.

I am so excited to have this lens. Its so versatile. It works great in low light situations. I love that because I am not a fan of using the flash. I cant wait to get it!!!

I am so blessed to be a mommy to my boy and just as blessed to be Brian's wife. He treats me so good, I couldnt ask for anything better.

I cant wait to spoil him for Fathers Day. He deserves it. He is the best father I have ever met. He loves his boy more than life itself.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Me at 27.5 weeks


Taking a minute to inform...

Let me take a minute to explain a few things. I am not trying to sound sarcastic or bitchy but I feel like a lot of people do a double take when they hear things and possibly do some whispering behind my back. Neither bother me and people can say what they want but I just feel like I should address it. So if you read my blog then you are in the know!!!

1. Cloth Diapers - We are using them for many reasons. The main reason is that we can get a lifetime supply for $300.00-$400.00. Do you know how expensive regular diapers are? Do you know how fast you go through them? Do you know how long they stay in landfills? They take 500 years to decompose. That is crazy to me. I cant imagine the amount of diapers sitting in landfills for the next 500 years. I used disposable diapers with Owen and we only have 495 years to go until his are decomposed. That is just gross. Landfills are running out of room. I know my using cloth diapers wont make all the difference in the world but it will help. Then there are those little gel crystals that spill out of the diaper when it gets too wet. They sit on the babies soft, sensitive skin for how ever long. That cant be good. Especially if you have a girl. That can cause major infection. So those are just some of the reasons I am using cloth diapers. I am excited to try them and open minded enough to know if they don't work out for us we will try something else even if it is using disposables. But for now we want to give it a fair shot. Don't worry, we will show everyone who wants to know how to change the diaper.

2. Glass Bottles - Those of you that know me well know that I dont use plastic. We stopped using plastic almost two years ago. There have been conflicting reports about BPA and what it does to your body. I chose to not listen to any reports and make my own decision. ALL PLASTICS ARE BAD!!!! They all have chemicals and every 5-10 years a new report will come out linking some kind of cancer to plastic. So we have gotten rid of most plastics in our house. We don't use plastic with anything hot. We do have a plastic Britta Water Filter but that doesn't leach harmful chemicals into our water as it never gets hot. We don't use plastic water bottles. Now if we are somewhere and that is the only option I will drink from a plastic bottle. I cringe at the thought and feel like I taste the plastic but I do it. In two years I can honestly say I have drank from a plastic bottle 10 times give or take. I have dramatically cut the use of plastics in my life. So we are using glass bottles. That's just it. You can laugh, talk, say all you want but I don't want to use any plastic. At one point in time glass was used for everything (babies and toddlers included). Plastic came about when manufacturers realized how cheap it would be to use it. Well I will pay a little more for glass products knowing I am restricting the amount of chemicals that go into my body. Gosh, I could go on and on!!!! I will not because then I will be preaching.

3. We do not use paper towels in our house. While it only takes them a few weeks to decompose they are just a waste of money. I often times miss having them in my house for sanitary reasons and convenience. But we use wash cloths and its just as effective.

All in all we try to live healthy. When my grandmothers passed away two a few years ago and one this past September, it hit me hard that I need to change the way I live to live a long life. I quit smoking, changed my eating habits and the way I live. Slowly but surely stripping useless chemicals from my life and the life of the ones I love. I don't force my ways on anyone ever, I don't judge others for not seeing things the way I do and I hope that others don't judge me. I just want to live a long, healthy life. I am not crazy when it comes to this. I am open minded and realize that I cant protect myself and my family from everything. Owen eats canned goods from time to time and Brian does all the time. Owen drinks bottled water when ever he gets the chance because he likes to have his own bottle. He feel like a big boy. I don't fight him. I just limit it. I have gotten him canteens and he is not a fan. So like I said, I am not nuts about it I just try to limit his exposure and mine as much as I can.

No one asked me to explain this. I just felt like sharing.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So last night when Owen was sleeping I went in to re-tuck him in before I went to bed. I do this every night just to make sure he isn't cold or uncomfortable. And to give him one last kiss before I go to bed. Well for some reason last night I couldn't stop staring at him. He has grown so much right before my eyes. I almost couldn't believe that he is all mine. I kept staring saying to myself "he is my kid". Sometimes I stop and realize how awesome it is that Brian and I have such an amazing boy. He is so damn handsome, smart, funny, crazy, wild, talented...I could go on and on. I love my guy way more than I could ever express with words.

Ohhh I just looked at the clock and realized that I only have 30 min till I get to leave work!!! Unfortunately on this rainy day I have things to do and cant just go straight home. Its all good though. I will be in my bendables soon enough and Brian will be saying "Sweatpants, really Heath??".

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Loss of sleep has begun

So I can honestly say sleep is not my friend. I have entered the stage in the pregnancy where sleep is minimal. I am getting more now than I will in a few months but its still rough. I cant seem to find a comfortable spot in my bed. If I lay on my back I feel like I am crushing the blood supply to my baby (all in my head but its what I read), if I lay on either side within 30 min my hips are aching. Never mind the 10 trips to the bathroom through out the night. And if I get up past 2am its a nightmare to get back to sleep. Sometimes I just lay there for an hour watching infomercials hoping to fall asleep. Then there is the achy back. When I get up after laying down for a while I feel like I am 90 years old when I get up. I honestly cant wait to get a comfortable sleep. I know that once this little guy graces us with his presence he will most likely have me up all night partying with him. So I will appreciate what sleep I am getting now and stop the complaining.

My mothers day was fabulous. It started with a bagel and coffee (from dunkin donuts) in bed and a homemade card from my boy. Owen really got it this year. I thank kindergarten for that. He came home from school Friday wanting to do everything for me because that's what you should do on Mothers Day. He wanted to do the dishes, laundry, sweep, mop, etc. I told him he didn't have to do that until Sunday but he insisted. I love my boy.

We spent the day lounging. We had a busy day/night on Saturday. We had a few visitors throughout the day and dog sat for the night. I was happy to lounge all day. Again, I hadn't got much sleep the night before so I took a nap on the couch while Brian and Owen watched a movie.

Brian made me chicken quesadillas per my request. Then we got ice cream sundaes from Friendly's. I don't know what it is with ice cream and this pregnancy but I crave it all the time. That will really pack on the pounds if I indulge every time.

I really loved the day. The weather was freezing so we cozied up under blankets and turned the heat on. I had other plans in mind for my day but that was just fine with me. I love cuddle time.

The count down is on - 2.5 weeks and counting until I am a FT SAHM. I cant wait. I need some relaxation time. I look forward to it. I have a list of projects to do this summer. We will see how much actually gets done. My first week of unemployment is quickly filling up with doctors appointments, visits with friends for special waxes and lunch, plenty of cleaning and I am sure I will find other things to do.

Which brings me to the next Can I just say how difficult it has been lately to get my house clean. I feel like I clean and clean and clean and turn around to a mess. I mop and they spill, I fold and they unfold, I pick up and they throw down. Yes, by them I mean Owen and Brian. Oh how much fun it will be to live with three boys!!!! I might as well throw out the idea of a clean house and nice things right now.

Our laundry in in the basement and if you have been to our house you know its 200 years old so just imagine the basement. I have to duck down to do laundry. Its about five feet high. I am 5' 7". Its not the most convenient situation. Never bothered me before. Now its not so easy. It kills my back and I wonder how it will even be possible the bigger I get. I am sure I will make it happen as we need clean clothes. Luckily my little man is willing and able to help.

I will have a clean house some day!!! I will be caught up on laundry some day!!!! I will, I will!!!

Ok, thats enough complaining from me. I am a crab today. To change it up a bit I will list happy thoughts:

  • its sunny out today

  • I get out of work an hour and ten minutes early today

  • I will go home and put on comfy clothes

  • we get groceries delivered today so our house will be full of yummy food

  • Thats all I can think of right now. Sad I know!

    Friday, May 7, 2010

    2nd Trimester coming to an end

    As my I enter the last week of my second trimester I have mixed feelings. I am getting very excited to meet our little guy but at the same time I almost want time to slow down for a bit so I can:
    1. enjoy this pregnancy a little bit longer. I am really enjoying being pregnant. I have no complaints. I remember with Owen I was a little bit miserable. Not this time. sure I have aches and pains but it is so different.

    2. I want to have just a little more time with Owen. It will never again be just the two of us (or should I say three). I will never again be only the mom of Owen. While this is a great thing I have lived the past five years of our life as Owens mom and only Owens mom. I know my boy is ready to share me and will do a great job at it because he will love his brother just as much if not more than we do. He loves him so much already. For a five year old boy he shows so much love and compassion for someone he has never met. I know the change will be tough at first but he will adjust and come out on top!!! Of all the problems I will have it will be me restraining myself from making Owen back off. He will just want to be with his brother all the time. I feel the bond between the two already and its amazing.

    I have so much excitement today and I just dont know why. The weekend is here. My time as a part time employee is coming to an end and I will then be a full-time SAHM once again. I love that job more than anything.

    I have been wandering around my house for weeks now just imagining my furniture re-arranged, the walls different colors, new rugs, new decor and just new everything. Could this be nesting, sure. What ever it is I am bothered by it because it is nothing that I can do right now. It really all has to be done by Brian because it involves moving heavy furniture and painting. I can handle the buying. I have never had a problem with that.

    My blog has seriously been lacking pictures lately. This needs to change ASAP! Pics to come!
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