Saturday, May 22, 2010

To Do...

So the weekend has begun...way too early I might add. At 3:45 am my bladder woke me up and I never went back to sleep. I layed there for an hour wondering if I should stop fighting it and get up or fight it and try to fall back asleep. Well, I stopped fighting and woke up. It was better than the alternative of laying in bed, tossing and turning, getting mad at Brian for snoring, waking him up by my tossing and turning and then just being pissed that I cant go to sleep. So I woke up, came down stairs, laid on the couch and watched some tube. I really do not mind waking up before everyone in my house. Sometimes its really nice to have the peace and quiet but still know that they are right up stairs sleeping peacefully. I am definitely more content when we are all under one roof so even if they are sleeping I feel better with them home.

So the time awake by myself this morning got me thinking of all of the things I hope to do this summer. I am somewhat limited by my child growing in my belly so I wont be running any marathons or moving mountains but here is my list of To Do's for the summer. I highly recommend you make one for yourself.

Take tons of pictures
Make a website for said pictures
Make a puppet theater
Take up sewing
Orgnaize my home
Wake up Sunday mornings and take Owen to St. Mary's by the Sea

This list will get longer as the days pass. This is just the tip of the ice berg. I really want to make this summer a special one for Owen. Its our last one just the two of us and I want him to remember it forever!!!!


This weekend so much is going on. We will head up to Bristol for the day. I will be attending my cousin's fiance's bridal shower. They will be getting married in June. I am going to photograph the shower so we will see how that goes. I am excited to use my new lense. It should work perfectly for this type of situation.

Brian and Owen will be headding to Southington sadly to clean out his Grandma Birk's house. She passed away in December. They will come away with some great memories of Brian's childhood.

Then they are off to the Cowdells. Brian to play in the driveway with what ever toy/vehicle Dave has and Owen to run off with Evan. I will meet them there later in the day after the shower and probably take up residence on their couch.

Then in the evening its off to dinner and a comedy show with Brians parents and Brother for his dads birthday. Owen will be off on a dinner date with memere and poppy.

Like I said, busy day!!!!

So Sunday will be spent relaxing at home, cleaning, doing laundry and just being together!!!!

I love the weekends.

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