Monday, May 17, 2010

Draggy strart to my Monday...

What a great weekend it was. Brian said it was great for him as well even though he spent the day Saturday working on my car. He said to me Sunday night that he had forgotten all about his awful Friday afternoon. If you know Brian you know he doesn't just let things go. So I was happy he had a good weekend too.

Friday after school I took Owen to play at the park for a bit with his friend Will and Will's mom. It was great to let them run wild after school and get all their energy out! Then Friday night our friends Jen and Brandon came over for some dinner. I made some awesome potato salad and Brian cooked steaks on the grill and made some creamed spinach. It was an awesome dinner and we had tons of laughs. I love laughing with friends.

Saturday was equally great. My other friend Jenn (I know lots of Jenn's) came up from NJ for the day with her pup Barley. We spent the day outside. Owen had a game in the afternoon so we went to that, then went out for ice cream, then to play outside for a bit. Then we had burgers on the grill and relaxed for the evening. It was so great to just get to hang out with her all day. I love her doggy. He is such a good dog and a love bug. Owen was in his glory of course. He loves all animals but especially dogs. He loves to play with them and chase them and have them chase him. Jenn loves my boy as much as I love hers. She just wants to eat him up every time she sees him. Of course Owen loves the attention.

So all in all it was a great, relaxing weekend. Owen was tired from being outside all weekend and that is good! I like to tire my boy out. Of course it tires me out but its worth it.

So this morning went smoothly until I got in my car and it wouldn't steer. I got around the corner and parked it in the street. I called Brian to tell him, called work to say I would be late and walked home. I was not too worried as Brian assured me it was just a loose something or other. He came home, I took his car to work and he called me an hour later saying everything was all set. Its great that he now has the option to work from home when he needs to. Otherwise I would have had a day at home with no pay. I only have 9 days left at work. I would hate to not be able to make it in.

I go for my gluclose test today. I will know sometime this week or next whether I have Gestational Diabetes. I am hoping I dont. I know it wont be the end of the world but it will make life easier if I dont have it. I already eat pretty healthy so I wouldnt have to change too much. I would just have to cut out the occasional (more occasional lately) ice cream or chips.

So this weekend Owen was watching The Story of Us on the history channel with Brian. There was a woman giving birth. She was screaming in pain because as we know, its painful. Well Owen as inquisitive as ever perked right up and asked Brian what was wrong with her. He answered all Owen's questions honestly. Here is how I am told the conversation goes...

Owen: What is wrong with her?
Brian: She is giving birth.
Owen: Why is she screaming?
Brian: Because its painful. Its a big baby coming out of a small hole.
Owen: Ohhhh

So we know he pondered that for a while. Brian and I both know he thought Brian was talking about the belly button as a hole and not where the baby actually comes from. Just thinking about that makes me cringe.

So this morning Owen was telling me about this lady on TV and how she was screaming. I told him it hurts alot. He said he wouldn't scream if he had a baby. I explained to him that only mommies can have babies. He still insisted he would have been much tougher. He also told me how Brian explained that she was screaming because the baby was bigger than the hole. He proceeded to lift my shirt and look at my belly button. He checks it routinely to see "how close to the top it is". I let him think that because its so innocent and cute. There is no need for him to know what really happens. So I will continue to let him check my belly button and think his brother will come out of there (OUCH).

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