Friday, May 7, 2010

2nd Trimester coming to an end

As my I enter the last week of my second trimester I have mixed feelings. I am getting very excited to meet our little guy but at the same time I almost want time to slow down for a bit so I can:
1. enjoy this pregnancy a little bit longer. I am really enjoying being pregnant. I have no complaints. I remember with Owen I was a little bit miserable. Not this time. sure I have aches and pains but it is so different.

2. I want to have just a little more time with Owen. It will never again be just the two of us (or should I say three). I will never again be only the mom of Owen. While this is a great thing I have lived the past five years of our life as Owens mom and only Owens mom. I know my boy is ready to share me and will do a great job at it because he will love his brother just as much if not more than we do. He loves him so much already. For a five year old boy he shows so much love and compassion for someone he has never met. I know the change will be tough at first but he will adjust and come out on top!!! Of all the problems I will have it will be me restraining myself from making Owen back off. He will just want to be with his brother all the time. I feel the bond between the two already and its amazing.

I have so much excitement today and I just dont know why. The weekend is here. My time as a part time employee is coming to an end and I will then be a full-time SAHM once again. I love that job more than anything.

I have been wandering around my house for weeks now just imagining my furniture re-arranged, the walls different colors, new rugs, new decor and just new everything. Could this be nesting, sure. What ever it is I am bothered by it because it is nothing that I can do right now. It really all has to be done by Brian because it involves moving heavy furniture and painting. I can handle the buying. I have never had a problem with that.

My blog has seriously been lacking pictures lately. This needs to change ASAP! Pics to come!

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