Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Under my ribs

Well baby boy Boissonneault has comfortably set up shop right under my ribs. I am not sure if its him or my intestines but here I am sitting at my desk and I couldn't be more uncomfortable. I feel like everything is stuffed up under there. Its no fun. I sit up straight as often as I can because that is the only way to be comfortable. I try to walk around the building when I have to go to the bathroom (which is just about every 30-60 min). Walking helps my back too.

I really hope these next 4 weeks fly. Dont get me wrong, my job is ok. Its just not busy enough for me. I am usually sitting at work bored out of my mind thinking of everything else I could be doing. When we are busy I love it. Its just not often enough. I am thankful for the pay check. That helps us out tremendously and I will miss that when I am not working anymore. But I must say, I am just looking forward to being a FT stay-at-home-mom. I will be able to go to Owens school mid-day and read to the class, have lunch with him, go on field trips, etc. I will be able to have a clean/organized home. I can plan lunches, run errands and do everything I need to do on a daily basis with plenty of time to do it.

I need to take my camera out and start shooting again. I go through periods of time where I shoot everything and then times when the poor camera just sits there. This is one of those "camera just sits there" slums. I have not had time to take the pics, never mind all the editing I like to do. I will pick it back up this weekend. I will take good pics at Owens game.

Summer is just around the corner. This makes me so happy. I just love being able to have the windows open, cook out on the grill and just be outside all the time! I will have some time this summer to myself while Owen is at summer camp. I hope to get in plenty of beach reading. I have a few books I would like to tackle this summer. I will consider myself lucky if I finish 4. I plan to fully take advantage of the days when Owen is at camp and baby boy is in the womb. Once he comes out there will not be much time to myself.

Speaking of baby boy...I have my appt next week. I will be 26 weeks. It will be at that appt that I will make my appt for my glucose screening. I will find out if I have diabetes this time around. My fingers are crossed that I dont. I am a much better eater now than I was 6 years ago. For example, my breakfast 6 years ago consisted of a coffee, sweetened tea and a bagel with cream cheese. Now it consists of a bowl of special K. I have small healthy snacks every few hours. I hope this makes a difference. I am guessing at this point I have put on 20 lbs. I was about 15 lbs heavier last time around at this point. So I am holding out hope that I will not have gestational diabetes. We will see. Even if I do, I will adjust. There isnt much I will have to change. I will not be able to indulge in the occasional ice cream cones and sweets. Other than that I will be good eating what I am currently eating. We shall see.

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