Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer is here!

Well I guess I have been a stranger around here. So many things to do so little time. There is so much going on in our life it has been hard to find the time to be here. But here I am!

School is officially out for the summer. I am actually really happy about it. I hear so many parents say how they dread summer vacation but I am relieved. We can have relaxing mornings since there is no where to go. We have relaxing evenings since there is no where to go in the morning. It wont be a challenge for me to find things to do because he starts camp in a week and a half. There is a park down the street so if we get restless we can take a walk and run it off for a bit.

What have I been doing? I have been being a mommy and house wife! While housekeeping isn't my forte, being a mom is! Brian asked me the other day if I wanted to go back to work and my honest answer was no! I felt guilty for saying no because I didnt want him to think I am being lazy but for the kind of job I would do its not worth my time and energy. And certainly not worth the money. I dont want to miss a second of my childrens life. This is the most important job I will ever do.

Last week I got to go the the school and watch my boy get his perfect attendance award for the year. If I was working I would have missed that. The next day I got to watch his spring concert and am so happy I was there. Shane is so attached to me and I love it. He and I have a very special bond. I am almost done nursing him and I am so sad to have it come to an end. I know it doesnt have to but it will.

I will miss his little hand reaching up to smack me in the face just to say hi, I will miss his pudgy feet kicking all over the place, I will miss him coming up to me to pick him up and having him nudge me to tell me what he wants. The biggest part of it I will miss believe it or not is the night nursing. While I dont enjoy getting up every two hours (sometimes every hour) I will miss that quiet time we get together when everyone else is sleeping, its dark and we can only feel eachother. We lay in bed and he nurses. His little hand reaches up gently to touch my face to make sure I am there (like I would be anywhere else). He falls asleep and sometimes so do I. I try to draw out the cuddle time but usually I walk him back to his crib in my sleep!

When we are finally sleeping through the night I will be so happy but I will miss that time we have!

My boys are getting so big! I want to savor every moment.

2011 has been rough on us but 2012 is our year. We are making changes in our life to have a great 2012.

Picture blog coming next...that takes alot more time than I have right now. For now I am posting pictures to FB. If you dont have FB I will send you links to the albums (DAD).

Shaney had his first haircut by Auntie Kris! Owen had crazy hair day and field day at school. Pics to come!
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