Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Easter

The day started wayyyy to early. Well let me back up. 

We started the night before with a very excited boy. One who would not go to sleep. One that woke up every hour on the hour because he was so excited. Almost more excited than Christmas. 

It was a long night to say the least. 

The Easter Bunny, or EB as he calls himself, left a trail of eggs on the stairs leading to the baskets and then hid them around the living room. For some reason he always leaves them on the top step and when Owen wakes up he sees it and comes running into my room to tell me EB has come already. I am usually just falling asleep and so out of it. 

So Owen and Shane both woke up at 4:30 am. I made Owen lay with Brian, I took Shane into his room and got him to go to sleep, layed down in Owens bed for a bit and tried to fall asleep. I knew that Owen would come in so I got up and went to my bed with Owen and Brian. We made Owen wait until 6 am to go down stairs. 

We got an update every minute from 5:45am until 6 when we heard "OK GUYS, LETS GO, ITS 6 O' CLOCK". He has no morning voice on Easter. 

Then again, it could have been the egg at the top of the stairs I let him get at 5 something so he would stop complaining. That one was filled with sour patch kids.

EB gets healthy food from us. Santa, not so much.

Owen left EB a little picture. He is so artistic. Its a picture of him saying "I love you" to the Easter Bunny and the bubble on the right is me out of the picture saying "I hear you". The Easter Bunny left him a little note below. 

Big brother is helping baby brother see what he got 

They love each other

He is looking at daddy here!

Owens "I have had so much candy and its only 8am" face.

I love my daddy!

On the way to Grammy and Pepere's 

Kids make the holidays AMAZING!

Friday, April 22, 2011

What is the World Coming To

Its a sad day when the only thing I want other than a new car is a new vacuum. I dream about this 

Sad isn't it. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Day at the Park

Let me tell you, ITS FREEZING OUT tonight. I just got home from Owens practice. I am chilled to the bone. Its time for some tea and DVR. 

We had a nice day today. We went to the park after lunch. We tried to find a friend to come with but everyone had plans. We still had fun. Owen ran and Shaney watched. 

Owen is such a great big brother. He made sure to bring Shane down the slide for the first time ever. He had to tell me that he was only going down that little slide because its for Shane. 

Shane went on his first swing!!! He loved it until he almost fell asleep!

Hopefully we can go back another day with a friend for Owen so its more fun for him. Shane is just happy to watch the kids run and pick at sticks on the ground.

I am going to warm up and enjoy the rest of my evening before little monster wakes up. He is teething and is not a happy fella! 

Good Night!

Just Another Sunny Day

I sit here this morning on this SUNNY morning and feel at peace. I am watching my little Shaney explorer find everything he shouldn't. I am watching Owen play with his little lego guys he found when we cleaned out the toy box yesterday.

I went out to throw something in the garbage and this is what I saw. Such a cutie!!!!

Thats what he was looking at

I have been spotted

big brother is in the background hyper-focused on playing brick breaker on my new phone!

 I feel lucky

Easter is coming and that means lots of Jelly beans

Happy Day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just Another Day

I sit here on this rainy, cold morning, sipping coffee, watching my boys play, thinking about the past weekend and I am not sure how I should feel. I am sad and missing my grandfather. Just knowing he is no longer here is not easy. Knowing the sadness my family feels makes me want to go back up to Bristol and just be with them.

Watching my baby boy crawl around, explore the world and my other big guy tell me what time it is every five minutes because he knows how to tell time, hearing him read everything that comes on the screen because all of a sudden he is an amazing reader, these things make my day. I am a happy mama this morning. I am a sad granddaughter this morning. Life goes on, mine will. I hold a very special place in my heart for my grandparents. I cherish the memories I have from my childhood and into adulthood.

Every day I wake up and try to be a better person. Everyday I think if ways to improve the way I behave, the way I think, the way I feel. I am a work in progress...I will get there.

I am off to get my little crawler away from the fire place!!!! He is into EVERYTHING!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Its Hard to Say Goodbye

On Friday we said goodbye to a very special man. My grandfather passed away at 7:57 am on April 15, 2011. He definitely lived a long, fabulous life. He is now resting peacefully with my Grandmother. Here is his obituary.

Death is a natural part of life. Everyone dies. Sometimes they go much sooner than they should. Other times they get to live a long, full life. Death to the dead seems peaceful to me. Death to the living is a very hard thing to deal with.

Its final. You NEVER see or speak to them again. Its done, there will never be a conversation with that person again. You may have not said something to them when you had the chance and you spend days or weeks wondering why you didnt do it when you had the chance. This is not what should happen when someone dies but it does.

I am trying to stay positive and know that my Poppy is no longer suffering. Between not being able to breathe and going to constant doctors appts, missing my grandmother more than anything, and just being plain old lonely. I know that he was ready to go onto the next life. Selfishly I didnt want him to go.

I have no more grandparents. Its an empty feeling. Life goes on. It has to. I can not live my days feeling sorry for myself because my grandparents are gone. I have to think that I am incredibly lucky to have had the time I did with all of them. All three of my grandmothers and my one grandfather got to see me get married, got to see me have my first baby, and be a huge part of my life.

I have to take this time to brag a bit.

My kids are amazing!

We did not bring them with us to the wake. They went and spent time with Brian's parents.

Brian and I are very nervous to expose Owen to anything like that. He obsesses about negative things often and we didnt think he was ready. I went back and fourth about the funeral. I thought he would be able to handle it and boy was I right.

I forgot about the viewing before the funeral. We prepared him for the funeral. Telling him there would be a lot of sad people. Me being one of those people.

Once we got to the funeral home we attempted to keep him in the lobby. That lasted all of five min. There were a few other rooms with open caskets so once he saw them we thought it would be ok to bring him in. He didnt go up but he did amazingly! He sat with his dad, asked questions and said to me "mom, do you see Great Poppy's face? He is smiling. I think he is smiling because he is in heaven with Great Mama."

I told him he was very smart and 100% correct. Kids are so observant.

He sat through the entire funeral. NOT A PEEP!!!! My uncle let him use his iphone and  boy that was a lifesaver!

Shane stayed with me and did great too. He was quiet and played with my mouth, nose, glasses, hair and anything else on my face he could touch.

I was so proud and so happy my family was around me.

Brian was a pallbearer along with my cousins and in-laws. He was honored to do it. I was honored that he was able to be such an important part of the funeral.

It has been a long exhausting weekend. We are home now and relaxing. I am waiting for this to all settle in and hit me. It has been such a crazy weekend and I have not had a chance to process it all. Now that we are home, unpacked and relaxing I can think, reflect, mourn, cry, laugh, cuddle with my amazing kids, hug my amazing husband and just go through the process of healing.

Tomorrow is back to real life. Brian goes to work, Owen had a game, I have laundry and cleaning to do. Owen is on April vacation so we have to find things to do.

Easter is next weekend so we have another busy weekend ahead of us. We have a game on Saturday and some "room switching" to do (I will explain later). Then we head up to Brians mom and dads on Sunday.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HB Photography

The blog is coming along...check it out. I did a new banner...the other one was too much!

I will be adding pictures as I go. I am re-editing many of them as my editing style has changed over the years.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Tooth Fairy is Cheap

What a weekend we had!

Friday was a bit of a nutty day. I got a call from the school that Owen was not feeling well, complaining of a belly ache. I talked to him on the phone and asked him to try to make it through the day. I went to the school (I live a few steps away) to talk to him and make sure he was not faking it. My gut told me he was but I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. Owen fakes being sick all the time so its hard to believe him. One look at him and I can tell. When I saw him he looked fine so I had him go back to class. 

I get home, hop in the shower and come out to a message from the nurse that Owen got sick. Boy did I feel like a dip for thinking my boy was faking. 

I get him home, give him some toast and send him to bed. I was still thinking that he was not really sick. I thought that he might have made himself get sick but again, wanted him to be telling the truth. Eh, didnt work out that way. The boy was FAKING!!!! He came down saying he wanted lunch and didnt want to stay in bed. We asked him to tell the truth. He did. He said he was not sick, didnt want to stay at school because he had a sub and made himself throw up. WOW...I was right all along. I knew it. 

How do you deal with something like this? I did what I thought I should do and made him stay in bed until school was done (a few hours). Thats what sick kids have to do, REST!!!! 

I have been spending his life telling him the story about the boy who cried wolf. He is that boy!!!! He tells so many stories no one will ever believe him.

The day ended on a happy note!!! 

He lost his first tooth. 

After months of it being loose and an adult tooth growing in behind it, it finally fell out!

The boy loves silly bandz...they dont come off ever!

He got on the phone with Memere and told her all about his tooth. She mentioned that she thinks the tooth fairy leaves twenty bucks a tooth. LOL!!! Poor Owen, he woke up to two bucks and now thinks the tooth fairy is cheap.

Saturday was my good friends bridal shower. She gets married in June and I have the pleasure of being a part of her special day.

We played games, ate good food, had a few drinks, she opened awesome gifts. It was a great time!!!

I got toilet papered!!! Like my dress!


Sunday was a tiring day. My grandfather has been moved to hospice. Its a beautiful place in Branford, Ct. 

Back in October he was diagnosed with Cancer. He has done amazingly since surgery to remove the cancer. He is now at the point where it is just so hard to breathe. Its called end stage COPD. He is on oxygen constantly.

The doctors, my mom and her sisters thought it would be best for him to go to hospice and live the end of his days as comfortable as possible. 

I just hope its not a long road for him.

Seeing him was great. He looks tired but sounded like he was in good spirits. He is such a strong man. 

His room looks out onto the ocean. Its a beautiful view. He can have anything he wants to eat or drink. 

He had so many visitors that day. I am so happy so many people care so much for him! My mom and aunts are there constantly to make sure he has all he needs.

Things like this are hard to deal with but at the same time I feel some sense of comfort knowing he will not be suffering and will be with his wife!!!


I am off, the baby boy just woke up!

We have to go to the school to set up for a PAC meeting and have dinner!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Blog Coming Soon

I am working on a photography blog so stay tuned. It will be Make sure you bookmark it. Right now its has nothing but soon enough it will be my place to display all my photography. Our Life! will still be very much alive, I will have stories and pictures of the kids and our life.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Time Out

We got to be man and wife on Saturday night and it was awesome. We went out with a great group of people to celebrate my sister and her fiancĂ©. They are getting married on April 30 in Antigua.

We drove the hour and forty five minutes to the casino and loved every second of that ride. It gave us time to unwind from leaving the kids, time to look forward to our night out and time to have a NORMAL, uninterrupted conversation. We did not stay at the casino as we wanted to be home and wake up with our kids in the morning.

The night flew by and we had the best time. We ate dinner, had drinks, listened to music, gambled (and won...40 bucks), and were in good company the whole night.

It was a much needed evening. We have not had that in ages. We are in a unique situation where we have only had four months of our seven year marriage with no children. And I was pregnant so it was not even like we were "normal". So when we get a chance to be out with no children we savor every moment.

I think we forget how much we actually enjoy each others company. It makes me think we need a weekend away soon but not too soon. We would miss the hell out of our kids.

They were in good hands. My mom and stepdad came down for the night. They brought reinforcements, playdough. Owen played with that for quite a while. He loves hanging out with his memere and poppy!

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