Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Tooth Fairy is Cheap

What a weekend we had!

Friday was a bit of a nutty day. I got a call from the school that Owen was not feeling well, complaining of a belly ache. I talked to him on the phone and asked him to try to make it through the day. I went to the school (I live a few steps away) to talk to him and make sure he was not faking it. My gut told me he was but I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. Owen fakes being sick all the time so its hard to believe him. One look at him and I can tell. When I saw him he looked fine so I had him go back to class. 

I get home, hop in the shower and come out to a message from the nurse that Owen got sick. Boy did I feel like a dip for thinking my boy was faking. 

I get him home, give him some toast and send him to bed. I was still thinking that he was not really sick. I thought that he might have made himself get sick but again, wanted him to be telling the truth. Eh, didnt work out that way. The boy was FAKING!!!! He came down saying he wanted lunch and didnt want to stay in bed. We asked him to tell the truth. He did. He said he was not sick, didnt want to stay at school because he had a sub and made himself throw up. WOW...I was right all along. I knew it. 

How do you deal with something like this? I did what I thought I should do and made him stay in bed until school was done (a few hours). Thats what sick kids have to do, REST!!!! 

I have been spending his life telling him the story about the boy who cried wolf. He is that boy!!!! He tells so many stories no one will ever believe him.

The day ended on a happy note!!! 

He lost his first tooth. 

After months of it being loose and an adult tooth growing in behind it, it finally fell out!

The boy loves silly bandz...they dont come off ever!

He got on the phone with Memere and told her all about his tooth. She mentioned that she thinks the tooth fairy leaves twenty bucks a tooth. LOL!!! Poor Owen, he woke up to two bucks and now thinks the tooth fairy is cheap.

Saturday was my good friends bridal shower. She gets married in June and I have the pleasure of being a part of her special day.

We played games, ate good food, had a few drinks, she opened awesome gifts. It was a great time!!!

I got toilet papered!!! Like my dress!


Sunday was a tiring day. My grandfather has been moved to hospice. Its a beautiful place in Branford, Ct. 

Back in October he was diagnosed with Cancer. He has done amazingly since surgery to remove the cancer. He is now at the point where it is just so hard to breathe. Its called end stage COPD. He is on oxygen constantly.

The doctors, my mom and her sisters thought it would be best for him to go to hospice and live the end of his days as comfortable as possible. 

I just hope its not a long road for him.

Seeing him was great. He looks tired but sounded like he was in good spirits. He is such a strong man. 

His room looks out onto the ocean. Its a beautiful view. He can have anything he wants to eat or drink. 

He had so many visitors that day. I am so happy so many people care so much for him! My mom and aunts are there constantly to make sure he has all he needs.

Things like this are hard to deal with but at the same time I feel some sense of comfort knowing he will not be suffering and will be with his wife!!!


I am off, the baby boy just woke up!

We have to go to the school to set up for a PAC meeting and have dinner!

Happy Monday!

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