Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Easter

The day started wayyyy to early. Well let me back up. 

We started the night before with a very excited boy. One who would not go to sleep. One that woke up every hour on the hour because he was so excited. Almost more excited than Christmas. 

It was a long night to say the least. 

The Easter Bunny, or EB as he calls himself, left a trail of eggs on the stairs leading to the baskets and then hid them around the living room. For some reason he always leaves them on the top step and when Owen wakes up he sees it and comes running into my room to tell me EB has come already. I am usually just falling asleep and so out of it. 

So Owen and Shane both woke up at 4:30 am. I made Owen lay with Brian, I took Shane into his room and got him to go to sleep, layed down in Owens bed for a bit and tried to fall asleep. I knew that Owen would come in so I got up and went to my bed with Owen and Brian. We made Owen wait until 6 am to go down stairs. 

We got an update every minute from 5:45am until 6 when we heard "OK GUYS, LETS GO, ITS 6 O' CLOCK". He has no morning voice on Easter. 

Then again, it could have been the egg at the top of the stairs I let him get at 5 something so he would stop complaining. That one was filled with sour patch kids.

EB gets healthy food from us. Santa, not so much.

Owen left EB a little picture. He is so artistic. Its a picture of him saying "I love you" to the Easter Bunny and the bubble on the right is me out of the picture saying "I hear you". The Easter Bunny left him a little note below. 

Big brother is helping baby brother see what he got 

They love each other

He is looking at daddy here!

Owens "I have had so much candy and its only 8am" face.

I love my daddy!

On the way to Grammy and Pepere's 

Kids make the holidays AMAZING!

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