Tuesday, May 3, 2011


(note: these my my thoughts on parenting and if I offend you by my thoughts or feelings then you should probably not read on. I do not judge others based on their thoughts and feelings ever.)

Being a mother is the hardest thing I will ever do in my life. Raising a decent human being is a challenge.

How do you teach someone to respect others, follow rules, be kind, love life, be the person you want them to be. Its not possible. You lay the foundation and they take from it what they will. You cant make them into what you want. They are who they are. I believe you have to tailor your parenting to each child you parent. Each child is an individual.

There are times you will be thrown curve balls and you have to readjust your thinking and parenting style. What you may have thought once is not what you think now.

I know for me, there are so many times I think, man I would love Owen to do "this or that" because I would have loved to do that as a kid. Well, the reality is that it might not be what he wants to do or is able to do. Its so hard to figure it all out.

I am constantly second guessing myself. One minute I think we are doing great and the next I think that I have really screwed them up.

Truth be told, I really dont think there is any way we can screw up our kids. We love the hell out of them, have made them the priority, spend time with them, are always here for them and really just do everything we can do to be the best we can be. Is it enough? No. But its enough for them to come from a place they can call home and always come back to and know there will always be love, someone here for them no matter what.

Owen is now if first grade. I feel like I am reliving elementary school only through the eyes of a boy. Let me tell you, its much easier to be a boy in elementary school. But its still hard to be a kid.

Its hard to sit back and listen to your child say they feel bad about something and not tell them to go back to school and beat the crap out of the kid who made them feel bad. Its hard to not give him the right come back when someone says something mean.

I really would love to just put my kids in a closet and lock them up for ever. Keep their innocence, protect them from harm and just let them coast through life.

Well we cant do that, we would get arrested.

So instead we will coach our kids through life. Help them through each situation they are given and just be cheering for them on the sidelines. We will certainly do our best to protect them from harm but sometimes it wont be enough. We will have to step aside and let them learn how to protect themselves.

I am trying to give my kids the best life I can. I want them to be happy, carefree kids. I don't want them to have to worry about anything that kids shouldn't worry about.

I hope they can look back on their childhood and say "Man, it was so much fun being a kid, we had the best childhood."

If they can do that I will be one happy lady!!!

OK...rant about parenthood done!!!


Can I just say, we had THE best weekend.

We stayed home but it was so nice. We had awesome weather. Owen had friends over, we had friends over, we walked, scooted, played catch, batted, cooked, relaxed and just enjoyed each other. It was so nice. I am really looking forward to beach weekends. I am curious to see how Shaney does at the beach. I wonder if he will be my beach bum baby. I bet he will and I bet he will eat tons of sand.


The little man is officially 100% a crawler. This is good and it is bad. The good thing is he is mobile. The bad thing is he is mobile.

He is into everything and is now pulling himself up on any and everything he can. The thing about that is I cant turn my back for a second because he does not realize that when he pulls himself up on the coffee table that he can topple over and wack his head. He is learning that really fast. When I go get him in his crib he is usually standing, crying for me to help him. Once he get up he cant get down unless he falls. He hasn't mastered getting down yet.

The fun thing about all these new tricks is that my once easy napper is fading away. He would rather stand up in his crib than lay down and nap. I used to be able to lay him down and out he goes. Now, I lay him down and UP he goes.

Oh well...if its not this it will be something else that is new in a few weeks.

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