Monday, April 4, 2011

Time Out

We got to be man and wife on Saturday night and it was awesome. We went out with a great group of people to celebrate my sister and her fiancĂ©. They are getting married on April 30 in Antigua.

We drove the hour and forty five minutes to the casino and loved every second of that ride. It gave us time to unwind from leaving the kids, time to look forward to our night out and time to have a NORMAL, uninterrupted conversation. We did not stay at the casino as we wanted to be home and wake up with our kids in the morning.

The night flew by and we had the best time. We ate dinner, had drinks, listened to music, gambled (and won...40 bucks), and were in good company the whole night.

It was a much needed evening. We have not had that in ages. We are in a unique situation where we have only had four months of our seven year marriage with no children. And I was pregnant so it was not even like we were "normal". So when we get a chance to be out with no children we savor every moment.

I think we forget how much we actually enjoy each others company. It makes me think we need a weekend away soon but not too soon. We would miss the hell out of our kids.

They were in good hands. My mom and stepdad came down for the night. They brought reinforcements, playdough. Owen played with that for quite a while. He loves hanging out with his memere and poppy!

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