Thursday, July 1, 2010

Getting Closer and Closer

So time is flying by and we are slowly but surely ready to welcome our newest little family member. We ordered our crib yesterday. Clothes and blankets are getting washed, strollers assembled, house is getting cleaned, we are just taking the steps to make our house ready for our guy! I cant wait.

I have been nesting like crazy. Its hard to do the nesting I have been doing because I really want to redecorate our house or just move to a new one. I want to change everything around and make it like new. I cant do it myself and have been instructed by my husband not to. He wants me to stay out of the attic, and not move furniture around. We are disagreeing on how we want our room to be as far as moving furniture goes. Well guess who wins, not me!!! I cant move the bed and dresser alone so I guess it stays put.

Owen is excited too but having a hard time with all the gifts we have been getting for Shane. Luckily his birthday is coming so he will be getting plenty. But he has shown some jealousy. After the shower I was showing them everything that we got and Owen was getting upset that he couldn't have some of the stuff for himself. We told him his brother should be able to have some new stuff to himself. That is when he ran into the kitchen pouting and didn't want to talk to us for 10 min. Brian and I believe that we should let him be and not feed into the demands. He wants us to chase him and give him attention. Well unless he is being harmful to himself or destructive we will ignore the behavior. We expect that after six years of it being just the three of us, there will be some jealousy. I am dreading it. I don't want him to feel sad or mad. I want him to be happy all the time. I know its unrealistic. Stay tuned...I am sure there will be many interesting Owen stories to follow.

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