Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Bday

My birthday was yesterday and while yesterday kind of sucked due to me having to work the weekend was great. I had a really great birthday weekend.

On Friday night I received the second best gift I have ever gotten (1st being my camera). I got a goodie bag from my husband. It had a 70-300mm lens, camera bag, two batteries, camera cleaning kit, picture saving program and tripod. Who could ask for anything better. Well the next day I got a pair of uggs from my mother!!!! I have been wanting a pair and was going to get a pair in the next few weeks when voila!!!! My mother got me a pair for my bday! How awesome is that. On Saturday we got to have a night out. We went to an eighties themed party in NJ. It was so much fun. Owen stayed with my mom. Of course he had a blast. He got to see his cousins and my aunts and uncles. On Sunday when we picked him up Bill and my mom had us stay for a nice ham dinner. Kris came up and ate with us. It was a really relaxing Sunday at my moms. Bill cooked an awesome dinner (as usual). My mom and Owen baked me a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and pink writing (per Owens request). Owen thinks I have to have a pink cake and mermaid stuff. I guess its because I am a girl and that's what girls have.

Then there is the gift card I got from Brians parents from Ritz camera. They are always sooooo thoughtful!!! I will be going there very soon to get a flash. That will complete my kit (for now). The rest will be up to me. I have to work hard at taking pictures. Some how get paid and add on to my equipment! I really dont know what to say about this past bday other than thank you everyone for making it great.

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