Monday, February 8, 2010

The Small Things In Life

I stumbled upon a blog about enjoying the small things in life. This blog has got me thinking. In a good way. I never really stop to smell the roses. I sweat the small stuff and sometimes focus too much on the piles of laundry that need to be done or the dirty dishes in the sink. When I should really be sitting on the messy floor with my boy to play a game or listen to his crazy story about how he is an invisible vampire that turns into a bat at night and creeps down the stairs when we are sleeping to fly in the night. I forget and get so overwhelmed with life. It does no good for any of us. So I have been inspired by this blog writer to stop and smell the roses. Stop life and appreciate the small things in life. Not worry so much about getting everything done and what I have to do next. Those things aren't important. Time with my family and the people I love is what is important.

Last night Brian and I went up to Owens room to play with him. We need to do that more often and worry about doing the dishes when he goes to bed. He is 5 years old and grows more and more each day. He is going to be a big brother soon and will grow even faster. I don't want to miss one second of it. So...laundry...I am sorry but you will have to wait until tomorrow.

Here is a list of the "SMALL THINGS" I enjoy:

- The morning cuddles I get from my cheerful boy even though I dont want to wake up and want him to go back to sleep.

- The creative stories I hear daily about what he is at the moment described in great detail.

- The mornings - this is my favorite time of day, even though we have to get up and go I still love to slow down in the morning and forget about doing my hair and make up to cuddle on the couch for 10 minutes with my boy.

- Before bed - every night before he goes to bed we all lay in bed together and read a book. We have been doing this for the past 4 years. He is usually very wound up (which always happens before unwinding). We read, cuddle, talk and then off to bed he goes. I tuck him in every night by saying "Good night, Sweet dreams, I love you and I will see you in the morning." Followed by "Sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite." When I was little my dad used to say that to me every night. We say it together and at the end he usually says "Dont let the bumble bees bite". When I go down stairs within five minutes he is usually yelling down stairs "I am a (insert animal or character here) and I am asleep now". He goes to bed like such a good boy. I have to stop here and remember how good he goes to bed because alot of times at the end of the day when I am tired and worn out from everything I "have" to do I get frustrated that he is still up there talking and wanting our attention. When in reality he NEVER gets out of bed, always falls asleep within 10-20 min of being put to bed and all I have to do is tell him "good night (animal or character). What is so hard about that.

- When he does something right the look on his face is enough to make me melt. He is so proud of himself. Brian and I usually make a big deal out of what ever it is that he is doing. For example...we bought him a new pair of shoes this weekend. We have all been talking about him learning to tie. He has gotten the gist of it for a year now. We never really forced him to do it. Well this weekend I sat down with him and coached him through it. He is basically tying his shoes after practicing all day yesterday. This morning he didnt want my help and said he could do it. I know he will get frustrated from time to time because he cant do it perfectly but as he says "practice makes perfect".

These are only a few of the small things I enjoy. There are so many more and as I practice taking time to smell the roses I will learn how many more things that I enjoy and that have special meaning.

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