Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to my love!!!

I would like to say Happy Birthday to my love!!! He is 32 today. He is the best husband and father I have ever met. He deserves so much on his special day.


It seems over the past few years that something always comes up around his birthday. This year its our lovely car. If it wasnt for this car my love would be having the best birthday ever. We were supposed to go see Avatar in 3D yesterday but that sold out as we were standing in line. I am always 20 min early for everything and the one time I am basically on time (late in my mind) we get the shit end of the stick. Next time I will follow my gut and buy the ticket ahead of time. It seems things just arent working out for us to celebrate. I will make it up to him for sure!

We did get to have a great birthday dinner with his parents and one of his brothers and wife. It was nice to be able to celebrate it with them. Thank you for taking us out to dinner!

There is always next year.

Happy Birthday my love!!! You are so special and make my heart complete. Thank you for being the best friend I could ever have, for always being there for me and for just being you! You are the funniest, smartest and most handsome person I know!!!!


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