Thursday, March 10, 2011

Good Bye Honda

Well it finally happened. My trusty little Honda has gone to car heaven (if there is one). We loved that car and I am not going to lie, I am a little attached to it. It was the first car I ever paid off, it was the car I brought my first born home in, it brought us back and fourth from PA to CT when we lived in PA. It has really been good to us for the seven years we owned it. It had 180k miles on it. It lived a good life.

Brian was driving to work this morning when the motor blew. It is just not worth fixing. The car is not worth the amount of money it would take to fix it. So we gave it to my step brother to have at his shop. If he can fix it great, if not he can prob use the parts or something.

I will miss my car but this will force us to get a new one. I think we will wait until the summer before we make the purchase. We wont have a problem only having one car for now.


Shaney is all over the place these days. He is not crawling yet but I feel like its coming soon. He rolls all over the living room and play room. He never wants us to hold him because he wants to explore. He loves this new found talent. Shane the explorer.

We are real close to him sitting too. He does by himself for a few seconds. Everyday it gets longer and longer. Where is my baby?!? He is getting so big.

He loves to eat. He is so into food. If we are eating he wants to eat too. He eats anything we give him.


I have not been able to get my thoughts in order these days which in turn means less blogging. I will get back to my old blogging ways soon enough!!! Same with pictures. I will take more of those too!!!

Have a great day!

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