Monday, March 21, 2011

Joy of Luck 2011 - Day Four "Material Things"

It was not as easy as you might think to find seven of my most favorite material things. I have many favorite things and what is my favorite changes from day to day.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. Car - this gets taken for granted and really shouldn't. We are lucky to have one.
2. Blackberry - while its not necessary to have this phone I love it and would be lost with out it.
3. Pedicure - there is no better feeling than that of freshly manicured toes. Especially in the spring when its flip flop time.
4. Stroller - this HAS to be my most prized possession. We walk everywhere and would not be able to comfortably with out this stroller!!!! Thanks DAD!!!!
5. New Bag - Thanks to my mom I have an adorable Very Bradley bag and wallet that fits everything I need to carry and then some!!!!
6. Lip Gloss - I love this lip gloss and use it every time I get dressed up to go anywhere!
7. Rain boots - I now love the rain because of these boots!!!

Tomorrow is day 5 and the topic is "What brings you luck". I have a pretty good idea of what brings me luck! Stay tuned!

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