Sunday, February 27, 2011

Follow the Leader

The definition of a follower:



a person or thing that follows.
a person who follows  another in regard to his or her ideas orbelief; disciple or adherent.
a person who imitates, copies, or takes as a model or ideal:He was little more than a follower of current modes.

This is my son. The follower. He does what ever his friends tell him to do, he says things to make them laugh even though it gets him in trouble, he likes what they like and does what they do.

I wish with all my being that he was the leader. The one to tell others what to do but he is not. So we accept our little follower for who he is and hope we can guide him along the way. He is who he is and we love him.


Brian is gone for the next four days. He is off to Palm beach for work. He has been away a night here and there but four days is long. I have been anxious since Friday. I keep thinking that this will be the time I get sick. I mean really sick. I keep thinking that Shaney is not sleeping (night or day), he is always crying, when will I get a break. Owen is well, Owen. He gets testy when he senses something is off.

I have pushed all of these worries away. We all woke up at 6am, came down, made tea, ate breakfast and played all morning. Shane took a quick nap, I showered and started playing with Owen. Owen is the man of the house now and is filling the roll just fine.

We will be just fine while dad is away. We can do it and do it well. I will take the next few days and get our house in order. One room at a time!



February break is coming to an end. We had a great week off, jam packed with fun stuff.

Day One
Brians parents came down to have lunch. It was a great visit. Followed by a visit from my friend. She was on her way back to NJ so she stopped in with her pup to say hello!

Day Two
Owen had a play date with one of his buddies

Day Three
Daddy and Owen day. I was at my sisters for the day so Brian too Owen to the movies. Then he had another play date later that afternoon.

Day Four
Play date and Ice Skating

Day Five
Visit with his cousin and then off to Ikea

Day Six

Day Seven

It has been a busy week and I have loved every moment of it. We have had a great time. I am ready for school to start tomorrow. I love vacations for the carefree schedule but I am ready to get back to the routine!


I keep telling myself that Shanes top teeth will come in soon and when they do he will sleep. He wont be so cranky. He will be much happier when he can sit up or crawl around.

In all reality, I think he is just a fussy boy who wants to be held by his mom. I am making some mistakes here and there but dont we all.

Poor Brian sleeps on the couch so he can actually sleep. He has to get up and go to work so with Shane waking up every two hours, its very hard. This works for us for now. I have been bringing Shane into bed with me around 2 or 3. Mistake, maybe but I am so desperate at this point. I will try anything to get sleep.

This too shall pass!!!

Goofy Drooly Face!


Have a great week!

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