Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day

We are not big on celebrating Valentines Day. I show my valentine love all year long, this day is not any different.

It is a lot of fun for the kids, so I try to make a big deal for them. Owen usually has some type of celebration at school. This year I made his little cards to send to school with a little pack of candy.

Valentine_TagO copy
I got the template from iheartfaces. I love this website!

When he got home from school he came home to a little bag of goodies from Brian and I.

We made Brian a little surprise for when he came home and hung it on the door. This is how we do Valentines day!

And our littlest valentine...he just sits and smiles all day long!


I passed up on a chance to go back to work. Brian and I had been talking about it here and there and an opportunity for me to go back to my old job just fell in my lap. I thought I was ready but boy was I mistaken. After a long weekend of running over all the options and scenarios we agreed that it was not the best thing for us.

Yes, money is wonderful and it buys you a little bit of comfort and a little less stress but its not everything. It would not buy me time with my kids that will be spent in the office. I love that I am available for my children and can give them everything they need. I do not take that for granted for even one second. I am very lucky. Its not saying that we go without but its all worth it in my book.

So this morning I called and passed on the offer. I know in my heart that I made the right decision.

I need to focus on the big picture and thats raising my kids and being the best wife I can be!


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