Thursday, January 27, 2011

This too shall pass...

...the sleepless nights, the shades of grey, the snow storms. And when it does I look forward to getting a good night sleep, being happy and energetic and enjoying the warm weather and the beach.

For now I will hold my breath and hope it all comes soon (lets hope I dont sink!). If I do I am so lucky to have plenty of people to pull me up.

We had yet another snow storm last night. Here are some images from it. I do not think I have ever seen so much snow in my life. This is the eighth storm since Christmas. While I love snow, everything in moderation!!!

Black Rock sleeps under a blanket of snow (an 18" blanket of snow).

We have been house bound for weeks. Its starting to get to me.

Taken by Owen

my boys having a lazy snowy morning

We have gotten out for a little sledding. I would like to do more but its hard with Shane.

So all in all we have had pretty quiet, snowed in days. I am not going to say that I am ready for spring because I do enjoy a good snow storm. It seems that the norm around here these days is 12+ inches.

Enjoy your day!

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