Saturday, January 15, 2011

Go With Out

My family means everything to me. There is nothing more important in this world than my husband and kids! I have been blessed in that department. I was lucky to stay home with Owen for the first year of his life. I am equally lucky to be home with both kids now. I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

Recently, I have considered going back to work. For silly, selfish reasons really. There are things we want and cant have because I am not working. We are going without and sometimes that is hard. I have everything I need right here in front of my face. My healthy, happy children and my hard working husband. They are all I need. I know in my heart everything else just brings temporary happiness. What is more important, having "things" or raising my children. I know the answer to that without having to even think. This is a choice I made, staying home. Going with out is just part of that. Its not hard but sometimes I want "things". Its normal, right?


I am starting what I call an Owenism part of my blog. This is where Owen says things with such confidence and seriousness and they are just hysterical.

This morning Brian and I were ragging on each other like we do most of the time. Owen and Brian usually gang up and rag on me. Owen said "Do you guys want me to say the J word?" Brian and I looked at him and then at each other wondering if we really wanted to know what the "J" word is. We told him to go ahead and say it. "Dramatic, you guys are being dramatic." We were laughing so hard, I had tears in my eyes. He is still learning how to spell and he usually spells things the way they sound. Sometimes "dr" words sound like they begin with a J. That made my morning.

Is it bad that I dont correct him all the time? Its just really cute.

Another Owenism is Nibbles. He calls nipples nibbles. I love it!


Shane has not been sleeping very well. He seems to be waking up every few hours. Not always to eat, he seems to be restless and I think its from him teething. Then there are the nights he wakes up and stays awake. Thats fun, let me tell you.

I wish I could stop time for a bit. I feel like my baby is growing too fast. His newborn stage flew by. I feel like I just gave birth to him last month and tomorrow he will be five months. In a month he will have been here for half a year. HALF A YEAR!!!! I cant stand it!

I am still breastfeeding him and plan to do so until he turns one. That is if his teeth dont get in the way. YIKES!!!

Shane has been eating cereal for a few weeks now. We have not introduced anything new yet. I am going to pick up some fresh peas and green beans and make him some veggies. I am sure it will take him a few weeks to get to like them. I read somewhere that you have to feed them something new ten times before they aquire a taste for it. We shall see!

Have a great weekend.

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