Saturday, January 8, 2011

Teeth, Teeth and More Teeth

We are getting toothy around here. My big guy just informed me that he has a tooth growing in. Its an adult tooth. Its in the same exact spot as his little brothers tooth that came in. The only problem is that his baby teeth are not falling out. So off to the dentist we go. I have a feeling he will have to have the baby teeth pulled. Poor guy. He has been looking forward to loosing his teeth for a year and a half. We will see next week what happens.

We got some more snow last night. Its beautiful!!! I woke up this morning dreaming of the day I can wake up before everyone, grab my camera and go! I just wanted to head out and get snap happy. I saw the sun coming up, shinning through the snow covered trees and just wanted to go! Instead I watched the beauty from my living room while I snuggled with my boys and sipped coffee! The day will come when I can do that but today was not it.

We are off to the mall today! A nice little family outing!

Have a great weekend!!!!!

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