Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello 2011

Man did 2010 go by fast. I cant believe this time last year I was laying on my couch, sick as a dog with a little bean in my belly. Look at us now.

I have made my resolutions for the new year. Some are public and some private.

Each year I try to be better than the last. Try to learn new things and become a better person. My resolution last year was to blog more. Boy did I live up to that one. The year before was to be more green. I held up my end of the bargin on that one too. This year it is to not "eat" and "drink" our money. We are so quick to order take-out when we have a house full of groceries (300.00 worth). We are so quick to run to the package store for a bottle of wine just because we feel like it. We are eating and drinking our money. Well not this year. Special occasions call for that bottle of wine. And we just need to stop being lazy and cook a damn meal!!!! Its better for our health and our bank account. I know we can do it.

Our holiday week was really a relaxing one. We spent a few days in our jammies. We practically hibernated. It was much needed for all of us. We needed to relax to have a great start to 2011.

My boys are growing so quickly.

Shane has two teeth coming in. The bottom two. He likes to chew and suck on my fingers. I usually give in and let him have my hand. He is constantly trying to get it! This is a huge pet peeve of mine when other people do it with my kid but I am allowed ;) When I put my finger in there it hurt when he bit down. There they were. Two little teeth coming through. If I didnt put my hand in there I would have had no idea. No fever, not very cranky, only a tiny runny nose that came and went in a day. He has been really good. Now of course every little fus he makes is because he is teething LOL. But my boy is extremely easy...he is a good teether.

He has started to eat cereal. Such a big boy!

Both kids made out like bandits for Christmas. They got tons of clothes and toys. We do not like clutter so two days after Christmas Brian went to town taking down all of the decorations and purging Owens toy box.

Here are some videos of Shane laughing. He has a tickle neck just like his dad and brother!

This one is "tummy time"

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Mom said...

As always an amazing update! I love you, Mom xoxoxo

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