Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holidays are done!!!

So the holidays are done and they have just completely flown by. I can not believe it is almost 2009. I know I have said this before but I feel like it was just NYE 2008. So CRAZY.
Christmas was great! I love the holidays especially now that there are so many kids in the family. Its really great to see all the kids enjoy themselves.
I have been off since Dec. 24th. I dont go back to work until Jan 5th. I am pretty much loosing my mind. We have been doing things here and there. Yesterday I went and had an endoscopy. That was fine. I have a hiatal hernia which I assume causes the reflux. I also had some redness in the lining of my stomache. My father has the same thing and he is fine so I am sure it is nothing.
Today Danny and Marissa (Brians brother) brought the kids down. We are keeping them overnight. Christoper is three and Ava is 4. They are really good kids. Owen didnt know how to handle them at first. He thinks he has to be the boss and tell them what to do because he is older. Then he wants to act just like them. He finally just relaxed and they all had fun. Bed time took a while. As a matter of fact I still have Chris laying with me on the couch watching TV. Its all good. He will konk out at some point. We dont get to spend too much time with them so its really good to see them.
Tomorrow Jen and Brandon will come down for NYE. I am sure we will have so dinner and drinks. I cant wait for that. We havent hung out with them in a while.
I took a bunch of pictures when we had out first snowfall. Everything was really pretty. Enjoy!!!!

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