Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weeks in Review

Its been a few weeks. I have been meaning to sit down and write but cant seem to find the time. I have been running around with my head chopped off. I woke up at 6am today, couldnt go back to sleep so I got up with the intention to write and O woke up. So we came down stairs, got some breakfast and made our coffee (well he had hot cocoa). I love our mornings together and really miss them. I miss mommy and Owen time.


We have been so busy.

Owen had a few field trips over the last few weeks.

We took a trip to the farm two weeks ago. I went along with Shane. Boy was that a mistake. Well actually I wouldnt say it was a mistake but probably not the best idea with a seven week old. The whole trip was on a hay ride. Not the best environment for Shane. He was strapped to my chest in the ergo and it was ok but we were both so hot and it was really bumpy. Talk about hay fever, the dust from the hay was everywhere! We survived and learned our lesson. I dont know how many seven week olds I have but I wont be taking them on a hay ride, thats for sure.

I loved these cows. They came right up to the tractor to eat the hay we were sitting on!

This was our "driver"

Owen and his buddies...they ended up eating a bag of candy corn for lunch.

My boy was so sweet...he had to make sure he got a pumpkin for me!

I was standing back watching the kids all get down off the tractor for lunch when I spotted a few of Owens buddies. This is how kids in Black Rock get down from tractors.

It was a great field trip.

The next week we went to the fire house. That trip was much easier. We walked from the school and Shane slept the whole time in his stroller.


Other than that we have been doing the typical Fall activities.

Cosutme shopping

We have a vampire and a pea!!!

Little mister here smiling at his dad!

Shane snuggling in the ergo!

So as most of you know, Owen never smiles for me when I ask him to. How did I get these pictures you ask...they were my birthday present from Owen. He said I could take pictures of him and he would smile for my birthday! My favorite bday present EVER!!!!

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Anonymous said...

These are amazing pictures! You are so good! xoxoxo

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