Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Follow Up to Previous Post

I wanted to make a few more comments in relation to this post Everything Happens For a Reason.

The way I was talking made it sound like I was all doom and gloom. I do have high hopes that he will pull through this. If it goes the right way he will have a surgery to remove the piece of his lung that is infected and hopefully that will be it. Lots of recovery but not toxic chemicals to kill the cancer and him too.

I guess from previous experience with my Grammy (dads mom) I just immediately thought it would be terminal. It doesnt have to be terminal. Positive thoughts are the only way to get through something like this.

And the love of family. Our family is so big and when need be we rally!!! We come together from where ever we are and what ever we are doing and are there for eachother. That is the true meaning of family. We are all so busy in our lives but when one of us is in need we are all there. I love my famlily and am so lucky to have them.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes we do have a loving family! Thank God for that! Let's pray for good news next week. Love Mom

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