Thursday, September 23, 2010

One year later...

I feel like it was yesterday that we lost a very special lady. My grandmother passed away due to a long, hard struggle with diabetes. She was a strong, brave woman. Over the last few years of her life she struggled with her disease. She lost a toe, then her leg. It was a long hard road she traveled. She did it gracefully but you could tell it was hard on her. Loosing her leg was hard. Imagine living your whole life with both legs then one day you are told you are losing one. It had to have been so hard. I admire her for all she went through. I hope to be as strong as she was.

I have been so blessed to have had three beautiful women I get to call my grandmothers. Over the past four years I have lost all of them but I know they are with my in my heart.

What was the hardest part of the day is that she never got the chance to meet Shane. She is what we call the baby lover. She loves babies so much.

My mom, Aunts and Uncles are very strong to have gotten through this day.

My mom came down to spend the day with shane and I. It was good for her to be around the baby. I hope he cheered her up. He always cheers me up!!!

Rest in peace are very missed by all of us. We know you are up there looking down on all of us, guiding us through our good times and bad! I cant wait to see you some day!

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