Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Dilema

So here I sit, on my computer while both kids sleep. Here is my dilema. I have a messy house. It needs to be cleaned. Yet here I sit. I wonder, should I go to bed, should I clean my house, should I just sit here and do nothing. I really am not sure.

What do other mothers do when they have this time to themselves?

I usually like to take the time for myself and do what ever it is I want to do. The problem is that there are so many things I want to do and need to do that I end up doing nothing.

Its a vicious cycle.

I get so overwhelmed with the wants and needs that nothing gets done. Then the kids come home or wake up and nothing got done.

I know, I know, I am crazy. I will get into a routine at some point.

I have it all set up in my head. I just need to apply it to real life.


I am blogging twice in one day...rare for me lately. There has been so much on my mind and I have not had the time to get it out.

Tonight I am alone, Brian is in Boston watching Couples Retreat in his hotel room, Owen and Shane are sleeping and I have silence! I am laying in my air conditioned room in bed. Yes, its the end of Sept and I have the AC on. Its muggy and hot and I just want a good, comfortable sleep.

Speaking of sleep, my eyes are getting heavy. I need to get to sleep. Although, Shane will be waking up in a bit to eat. So here is another Dilema, do I go to bed now and maybe get woken up in 20 min. Or stay up and he may sleep for the next four hours? I am going to bed.

Good Night!

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