Saturday, August 14, 2010

Waiting, Waiting, Waitng!

At this point we are spending our days waiting. I am spending my days over analyzing every single ache and pain thinking this could be the start of something. We all feel like our lives have been put on hold.

After my doctor appointment yesterday I felt nothing but discouragement. I really wanted them to tell me that I had progressed and would probably be going into labor sooner rather than later. Instead I was told that I hadnt dilated any more since last week even though I have been contracting. According to the ultrasound, he still needs to drop into my pelvis to start his descend. The tech said he is not low enough. She said I would know for sure when that happened. I told her I thought it already had.

So we sit and wait. I am so achey. Last night I felt like I was getting the flu. I am having irregular contractions. My whole stomach and back are getting really tight so I am thinking that is what causing the acheyness.

I know, it seems every post is me complaining. Its all I want to do at this point. Sorry!!!


On a positive note, Owen starts first grade on the 25th!!! I dont think he is looking forward to it but he will be fine once he gets started. He told me today that he hates school. I had to remind him not to use that word and that he will like it once he is there. He then informed me that he thinks its boring to learn. Talk about lazy.

Yesterday I took him to the movies. We went to see How to Train your Dragon. Its at a secondary theater. Every movie is only $5.00. The candy is only 2.00 a bag. Its a cheap outing.

Owen seemed excited to go. Well when we got there and got settled in it all began. Trips to the bathroom every few minutes, bouncing in the seat, followed by "mom, I am bored!". "Can we leave?". Um, really??? We literally didnt sit for more than five minutes. I was actually shocked. I mean I know my boy, I know he is fidgety but he really seemed to want to go to the movies. At first I said no, we are not leaving but in all reality the movie sucked. I guess thats what I get for sugaring up my kid and expecting him to sit through a movie.

He wanted to rush home and go with dad to get lobsters at the store. Brian had it in his mind that I was going to try lobster last night. He and Owen went to the store to buy them. $40.00 later he came home ready to cook them. I was wondering what he was thinking. I have never in my life liked any kind of seafood. I dont know why he thought I would last night. Well he cooked (while grunting and groaning because Owen was so excited and into it but constantly in the way) them both and I had one bite. That was it. I did not like it. I knew I wouldnt but had to please the husband. Let him think he knew what he was talking about.

Oh well...he needs to accept that I am a picky eater and dont like seafood!

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Welcome to the new addition!

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