Monday, August 2, 2010

No Fair!!!

At this point I just want to cry. Every morning I wake up thinking this could be the day, every night I go to bed thinking this could be the night. I get up to pee 12 times a night and each time Brian wakes up thinking its time. We are so excited and anxious.

I wake up every morning sort of sad wondering "is this ever going to happen?"

I am trying so hard to stay active and get things done. I know I am close, six days away.

I am starting to get nervous and scared. I had a few really strong contractions the other day and they hurt. Well then I started thinking that there is no turning back now. This boy is coming no matter what, and its going to hurt when he does.

Then there is the fact that I will have two children in a few days. I cant believe it. I know I have had plenty of time to prep myself for this but wow, two kids just like that. I have only had one for so long.

I said to someone the other day while watching Owen play so carefree "I wonder if he realized his whole world is going to change in a few days?". I dont think he has any idea. I dont think we have any idea.

I am so excited to welcome our baby boy into our family but so nervous to meet that little guy too. He changes everything. I know it will be the best change ever and I cant wait but change is hard. Especially when you know its coming.

I wonder how Owen will be with his brother? How he will be with us? Will he act out?

We shall see. Maybe today (wishful thinking)!!!!

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