Thursday, January 14, 2010

Overcome with Love and Joy

I just have to say that today I am overcome (almost brought to tears) with love and joy for my family. I am so happy that I am pregnant. I am doing everything I can that is right for this baby.

We were at the doctors yesterday and we had a chance to hear the heartbeat. She could not find it. There is a 50% chance of hearing the heartbeat between weeks 10-12 (I am almost 11). When I go back on 11th of Feb they will try again. For sure they will be able to hear it. I am not worried. We heard it on NYE and saw the Kumquat (thats what size it is). I know that it is still early to hear anything the regular way. The baby just wanted to be left alone. I can respect that.

Owen has been talking to the baby. He always wants me to open my mouth so we can be sure the baby hears him. I do it because it is super cute and pretty funny. Its amazing the way kids think.

Brian has been so supportive. I have not been the easiest person to be around. He is always so calm and patient with me. He helps around the house so much. I have been feeling like crap all the time between morning/all day sickness and headaches. Brian just grins and bears it. He is such a great husband/father.

I know this post is mushy...but I am emotional so what do you expect.

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