Friday, January 15, 2010


So I had gestational diabetes with Owen. I found out around 5 months and had to completely change my diet. I went to see a nutritionist and was put on a diet plan. For the most part the diabetes was well maintained with diet control. Until the last week. I was induced because they were going to have to start me on insulin.

At least now I know that I will most likely have it again. I want to really watch what I eat but its so hard as nothing is appealing to me at all. I can not even stomach the thought of any kind of chicken (really the only meat I eat). All I want to eat are bagels, pizza and cereal. Bagels and Pizza are on the no no list. I have to stay away from carbs and eat lots of protein. This is the part of the pregnancy that is not fun because I can not give into my cravings like I want to. I refuse to have an 11 pound baby. I need to exercise and eat right. I am almost 11 weeks. I only have two more to go until I hit my second trimester. Maybe by then I will have more of an appetite and be able to eat more than Special K morning, noon and night!!!!

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