Monday, January 11, 2010

How many more days until spring??

When its cold we want it warm, when its warm we want it cold. I guess we or should I say I am never happy. It seems to me that this year is especially cold. I dont know what it is but I am cold all the time. I cant seem to warm up. Poor Owen always wants to play outside and I just dont get it. When its 25 degrees out I am not really running to bundle up and play outside. I feel bad for the poor kid because he has so much energy and wants to genuinely run it off. Is there someone I can hire to take him outside to play???

Anyway, I would really like spring to hurry up and get here. Its only January 11th and I am ready for April. Then when we are in the dead of Summer and its 95 degrees out I will wish it was cooler out. Is there somewhere I can move where it is 70-80 degrees all year round and never rains??? I want to be there!

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