Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks

Life has been so crazy that I feel like I have not had a moment to sit back and think, let alone write a blog. I hope to take more time to stop and write about our life in the coming months. I hope to make more time for many things. In the mean time I have so much to be thankful for.

I have two beautiful boys that I love the hell out of every single day.

I have an amazing husband who I am lucky enough to call my best friend.

I live in a wonderful community with amazing people that I get to see everyday.

I live by the ocean and if I want to take a five minute walk it will bring me right to the water!

I have wonderful friends and family. I am so lucky to have them all in my life.

I have a warm meal on my table every night, hot water to take a shower with, clothes on my back, cars in my driveway and a roof over my head. These are all things that I take for granted everyday. I wish I could go to bed everynight grateful for what I have. But lets be honest, how many of you take time out of your busy days to look at what you have and be thankful for it. Not that I am ungrateful but if it makes sense (and it will if you know me), I forget to give thanks! Sad but true. I do take time out occasionally to look at all I have and do appreciate it but it should be everyday.

I need to make this happen so my children know how lucky they really are.


Shane and Owen are just as cute as ever. Owen is doing great in school. I had conferences last week and he did great. He could try a little harder in some areas but overall he is such a smart boy.

After Halloween I let him take the rest of his facepaint and go to town. This is what we ended with:

He thought he looked like an army dude so we went with it.

Shane is really holding his head up these days so I decided to get the bumbo seat out of the attic. He hasnt been able to use it until now. He looked so cute! His little face melts my heart (dont mind the ridiculous amount of laundry in the background).

We put together his high chair too. He loves it because he feels like a big boy. So now when we are all eating dinner he is sitting right there with us instead of the bouncy seat on the floor.


I started getting back into some type of work out routine this week. Although it isnt much of a routine. I started the week off with Pilates. I didnt realize how out of shape I am. Day 1 was easy and I wasnt very sore the next day. Day 2, not so much. It was very hard and today I am so sore. Everytime I move I feel it. I also went for a walk this morning. I did 2.4 mile loop around my neighborhood. I feel really good today. Not that I feel thinner but I dont feel so bloated and chubby. I am determined to be back in my jeans by Valentines day. I dont have too much further to go but it will take some work. If I hadnt been such a procrastinator over the past 7 weeks I would be practically back to normal by now. No more messing around. Time to buckle down and spend an hour and twenty minutes a day walking and doing pilates. I dont even have to do the pilates every day but the walking needs to happen.


I did a few shoots over the past month or two. Just family and friends.

Here are a few shots from each shoot.

These are of my Cousin, her niece and her mom. They are all so beautiful!

My best friend asked me to come to her salon and take some pics for the re-launch of her site. She has an awsome waxing spa and she just added a hair stylist to work with her. Check them out at here, they are located in Berlin, CT.

If you want me to take holiday pictures email me at

Happy Turkey Day Everybody!!!

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