Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My child is in grade school!!!!

I can not believe the day is here. I sent my big boy off to Kindergarten today. Surprisingly he did very well. I know he was ready and very excited but I thought he would be more nervous than he was. When we were walking up to the school he saw a little boy from his old preschool and that was it. He knew someone in the class so he was good to go. He was a little hesitant when we were leaving but he did good. There were some teary eyed kids and parents but luckily it wasnt us!!!

We went into the cafeteria for some refreshments and to meet the other new parents. We got to talk to the Principal and the PAC leaders. They are the ones that plan all the functions and offer support to parents. I may join. I dont know. I think it would be nice to be involved in the school, get to know other parents and especially the teachers.
Here are some pics.

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