Thursday, August 13, 2009

Behind on Blogging

It seems that last time I posted was about Owens birthday. Not too much has happened since then. We had our STAY-cation the following week. It was great to be off and spend quality time together as a family. We are always looking for that but with work, school, the day to day tasks that need to be done we dont get much QT as a family.

We had Owens Bday party on that Saturday. It was great for him...Thank you to everyone who came!!!

The following day (Sunday) we had planned to go to Misquamicut for the day, stay in Mystic then do the aquarium the next day. Well can I just say that you should never make your plans based on the weather report. The weather said it was going to be cloudy and basically crappy out on Sunday and Monday so we changed our plans. We hung out Sunday morning at home and after lunch headed down to Mystic to stay the night. We went on a nature walk, went back to the Hotel, went swimming, out to dinner, got ice cream and brought it back to the hotel where we ate it in bed while watching a movie. You wouldnt think that sounds like alot but for some reason I didnt even make it through the movie, I was passing out half way through (mind you it was like 8pm).

We woke up Monday morning, went out to breakfast and then to the aquarium. We were there right when it opened at 9am. We got to see whales, seals, fish, sharks, sting rays, feed the sting rays and birds, all with no crowds. We were done by 12 (when everyone started to pile in) and on our way home. Now when I said don't make plans based on the weather I mean it. We thought it was going to be awful weather based on the report. Well Monday there wasn't a cloud in the sky and we were 20 min from Misquamicut. We were done with he Aquarium by 12 and sooooo could have gone to the beach. But since it was supposed to be crappy out I didn't bring anything with us. We weren't prepared. We just ended up going home. Which was fine because we were all so tired from the party, they lolly gagging around Mystic and the aquarium. I have pictures from this trip that I will upload soon.

Tuesday we went up to Southington and had lunch the Great Grandma and Great Pepere (Brian's grandparents). It was really nice. Owen wasn't even in the door 30 seconds and asking for the tractor that he likes to play with there. We had lunch then went to the community pool. It was really hot that day so the water was nice. The pool is 1 foot deep, perfect for kids who cant swim yet. Plus they have a giant mushroom that has a waterfall over the top. Owen had a blast!

Wednesday Brian had to go to work for a training and awards ceremony so Owen, Sarah and I went to the beach. It was hazy out but we still got sun. Owen loves to play in the water. It seems every time we go its low tide, you can basically walk half a mile out and the water is still up to your knees. So he likes to swim when its like that.

Thursday Owen went to the dentist in the morning and then Brian, Owen and I hit the beach again. It was really nice and sunny, perfect day for it!

Friday we hung out at home then head up to Bristol for the evening. Brian went to a Stag and I went to a Bachelorette Party. Owen stayed with his memere (my mom). Fun was had by all ;)!

Saturday we hung out at Dave and Ula's in the morning then met up with friends in the afternoon. Brian and Brandon got a charter out of New London and spent the day fishing. My friend Jen, Owen and I went to a baby shower in Southington. It was more like a picnic, Owen had fun with all the kids there. They were mostly his age so it was nice!

Sunday we lounged ALL DAY!!!! We had such a great week off, super busy but really nice! We needed that day to get readjusted to going back to the real world.

What comes now is Owen starting kindergarten. He starts on the 26th. He has a week and a half left and he is officially in Elementary school. I start working part time on Monday. I will work 9-2. This way I can bring Owen to school in the morning and pick him up and bring him home when he gets out! This is really the only thing that will work for us. Luckily my work was able to give me the hours I need to stay working but be there for Owen when he gets out of school.

I will leave you with a hilarious video of the big kindergartner!!!! Enjoy!

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