Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Year One

Yesterday was my baby boy's first birthday. I actually have been dreading this all year. I knew it would come fast but not this fast. I was at the store the other day looking at the baby jammiies. Where has my baby gone?


He is so big. He is almost walking, imitating sounds we make, understanding everything we say, yet still my baby.

He is not a toddler yet (in my mind).

Owen said to me yesterday, "mom, Shane still looks like a baby". Yes, he does bud...he is our baby forever. I feel like my kids stay small in my mind forever.


I spent the day yesterday reminiscing. Each hour I thought back to that beautiful day a year ago and remembered what I was doing at that exact moment. I actually wished I was doing it again. That was the third most memorable day of my life. First being my wedding, second being my first born and third being my baby boy.

We had cake at 5:40 last night and I kept saying "Shane, you were 20 minutes old last year".


I woke up this morning thinking about Shanes first night in the hospital. Brian, Shane and I spent time together and bonded. It was such an amazing night.

It has been a year of joy brought to us by our Shaney Baby!!!






Owen has become an amazing big brother. I always knew he would be the best bb around!!! He loves his brother more than anything. His baby brother loves him equally. Watching the two of them interact gives me such joy. At times when they are in bed (supposed to be sleeping) and Shane is standing up in his crib, Owen is laying in his bed and they are making all kinds of noise, Brian and I just sit and listen on the monitor. My first reaction is to go upstairs, quiet them down and make them go to sleep. Brian reminds me that this is bonding time. That they need this time to just be brothers. It is really an amazing thing to listen to. They really have a great bond.



We spent Shaney's birthday together as a family.

I baked a cake and frosting from scratch. Since I procrastinated I was rushing and didnt fully wait for the cake to cool before frosting it so it didnt look that good but it tasted amazing. Next time I will not wait until the last minute.


These boys arent related by any stretch of the means.



These kids are my world.


Right now I am living in the land of rainbow and unicorns...with good reason.


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