Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bonding and Decorating!

This weekend was just what I needed.

We stayed in all weekend and got some stuff done. And by stuff I mean not much of anything. Saturday was a lazy day. Shane has not been feeling well and with that comes him not sleeping well either. I was basically up every hour, sometimes a few times an hour.

Needless to say I was exhausted. I never nap, NEVER EVER!!!! Well Saturday I did for sure. A two and a half hour nap at that!

Brian and Owen spent the entire day together. They went to Home Depot for a tree. We wanted to go cut it down but with Shane not feeling well I didnt want to take him out in the cold weather for long. So he and I stayed in and Owen and Brian went to get it.

While Shane and I slept, they played video games. It was a day of Father and Son bonding, so sweet!

They ended the night camping in the livingroom. They did this a few weekends ago and slept on the floor by the fire. This weekend they slept on the couch. A bit more comfortable.

Sunday we decorated the tree/house. We are starting new traditions each year. Every year Brian strings the lights on the tree and Owen and I go to town decorating. He really gets into it. I try to let him do it his way without moving the ornaments he places.

They were both irritated with me because to get into the holiday spirit I was playing Christmas tunes and singing along!!!! I guess thats not what gets them into the holiday spirit.

Over the years we have gotten some really nice ornaments. I love the personalized ones!

and the team ones!!!

the end result

I have big ideas for a picture of the boys for our family Christmas card. Sneak peak coming this weekend!!!

Owen gave me this for Thanksgiving!!! I was so happy that my boy thinks about me at school (even if its because I buy him toys)!!!!

I love the holidays and cant believe how fast they are coming!!!

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