Saturday, November 14, 2009

Growing up

So all my life I looked up to my parents. They were my inspiration. I wanted to be just like them growing up. In alot of ways I am just like them.

Every parent wants the best for their child. We certainly want what is best for Owen. He is so smart, articulate, creative, active, intelligent, kind and just a good kid. Not that Brian and I were not those things growing up. We certainly are a good mix of Owen. He has a little of me and a little of Brian.

Parenting is one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life. You are constantly second guessing yourself. Is what you are teaching them the right thing? Are you being a good example? Are you too hard on them? Are you not hard enough? Are you consistant? Its freaking crazy how much you second guess your self when you become a parent. I remember when I was pregnant wondering if I would be one of those parents that forgot to feed their child or left their child on the roof of the car like you leave your coffee cup on the roof (I have done that so many times...drinks that is; not child). I have had several questionable moments when it comes to parenting. I know in my heart that Brian and I are doing a decent job with our boy! He is turing out pretty good. But its little hiccups along the way that make me wonder.

Brian and I show Owen love and affection, teach him to trust and we give him everything we have. I think that is what being a parent is about.

We are starting to talk about extending our family. We know Owen is ready as he talks about it all the time. His little friends have siblings. I feel bad for him that we havent done it sooner but its a big deal to bring another human being into this world. There is always something happening or a question whether its a good time. I guess there is no perfect is as good as any. We will see!!!

So I guess in the end what I am saying is that as you grow up you look up to your parents, despise your parents, think they arent so bad then parent like your parents. Its funny how you go throught your adolescence saying "I will never be like my parents" and in the end you are just like them. Thanks mom and dad for showing me the way and instilling the values I am passing on to my child(ren).

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