Saturday, October 31, 2009


Well the three days of Halloween is finally over. Dont get me wrong, I love Halloween BUT...Owen had a Parade on Thursday, Party on Friday and of course trick-or-treating Saturday (tonight). Its alot of action (candy) for three days in a row. To be honest, its worth it in my book. It gives this boy great memories. That is what matters. What he probably wont remember is the costume fiasco we had on Thursday for the parade. For once we were a few weeks ahead of time and got his costume. Well I didnt try it on him when we were in the store (or even take it out of the bag). Boy was that a mistake. It was 2-3 sizes too small. We found out WAYYYYYY too late, as we were on our way out the door to the parade.

Here is the original costume we got:

We got to talk him into wearing the partial costume while Brian went out to get another costumer. There was NOTHING left two days before. After a huge melt down this is what we ended up with.

We totally understood that in Owen's life this is the end of the world. Imagine for weeks you are excited to wear a skeleton costume and you tell all your new friends you are wearing a skeleton costume but dont get to...END OF THE WORLD!!!!

What a good sport he was. We told him that he was special. He got to wear part of his costume to the parade and the rest was a surprise for school the next day. He went with it.

He actually got to mix and match two different costumes which normally would not happen. So what could have been a nightmare turned out to be not so bad. Here is the end result...what he is, I have no idea.

What ever it was he loved it. I am sure he will be wearing the mask for a long time! He really had a great time trick-or-treating. We got throught half the neighborhood and he was done. He turned into a zombie...he was just going door to door saying what he was supposed to until he said "IM DONE, can you carry me home!". Brian picked him up, put him on his shoulders and carried him home. Man this boy is spoiled!

Once we got home we sifed through his candy. Then he finally realized we had candy to give away. So we all went to sit on the front porch and give out the rest of what we had in our basket (we opened it a week ago to dig in!!!). Owen decided his job was to hand it out. It was gone in five minutes. Some of the kids really made out! It doesnt matter because in the end HE HAD FUN!!!

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