Monday, March 23, 2009

Catching up

I have not been as good as I should when it comes to blogging. I guess I have not had the time. We have been so busy. Running here and running there. Busy is good but sometimes you need to just stop and relax.

Owen started swimming lessons three weeks ago. He is doing so great!!!! The first time he went was a no go. He didnt make it in the locker room. He was scared that he was going to sink to the bottom tf the pool. He didnt know what it was about. My child has a HUGE fear of the unknown. If something is new to him he is terrified of it. We had made such a big deal about it, talking about it for weeks, hyping it up and I think he was just overwhelmed. We did not want to give up on it though. So the next week I brought him a half hour early so he could see what it was about. He was so scared to even go into the pool area. After some talking to and watching he actually got into the water. He is still pretty nervous but he trusts his teacher (she is nice but does not baby them which is good). He trusts us when we tell him nothing will happen to him. I think I have learned not to really tell him what is going on. He obsesses about things and thinks the worst. Brian and I are the same way. Stay tuned for pictures. Now that he is getting comfortable I feel I can sit back and let the teachers teach and just watch. I will take pictures soon.

We have been trying to figure out what to do with Owen for kindergarten. It is usually an easy decsion to make...when your kid is 5 he goes to kindergarten. Well when you live in bridgeport its not that easy. We had planned on moving to Boston, living in a good school district, sending him to public school. Well since we are not moving everything has changed. We are not sure where to send him to school. We have looked into Catholic school and we are considering public school. Either one will be fine I am sure. My only reservation with the public school is the threat of it closing. Its been all over the news and I just dont want him to go to a school and half way through the year it closes. I guess it doesnt matter where we are or what school he goes could happen anywhere in this economy. We shall see what happens. Who knew it would be so damn difficult!!!!

As for Brian and I, we are still adjusting to the idea of not moving. I was looking forward to the move and settling down. Now everything is up in the air. I am very thankful that we both have jobs. Dont get me wrong. I am just anxious that I dont know what is next. I have no idea where we will be next year and I dont like it.

I did a photo shoot this past weekend. Only I was on the other end of the camera. It was weird. I kind of enjoyed it but it was still weird. I am NEVER the one to get my picture taken. My friend needed a model and asked me to do it. I agreed.

It was a perfect situation. She wanted to do a trash the dress/bridal session. With my 5 year anniversary coming up I thought it would be a good idea to get pictures taken of me in my gown. I have known Melissa (the photograher) since middle school but have not seen her (in person) for 10 years. We see eachother everyday virtually (thats how it goes these days). It was so good to see her IN PERSON. She started her photography business a year ago so it was great to get to talk shop with her!

Here are just a few of the images from the shoot. They all came out soooooooo good!

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you are so gorgeous!

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