Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wants and Needs

So Brian and I have been doing alot of talking about our move and whats next. For those of you that do not know we are moving to Boston in June or July.

Here is the short of it...
Brian and I decided it was time for him to look for a new job. His commute is too long and we don't have any quality time together, we never get to eat dinner together! He comes home around 7 or 7:30 and is wiped, I am wiped from working all day, doing house stuff, Owen etc. Needless to say he would spend 20 min with Owen before he went to bed. Once Owen was in bed we would both be zombies. That is no way to live life. So we decided he should find another job that is local. Are we happy with where we are? NO but we were willing to settle to live a somewhat simple, normal life. Well Brian found a job within two weeks of looking. He accepted, went to Boston (Triumvirate Headquarters) to give his official notice to all the bosses. Well they weren't having it. They decided to counter offer and gave him an offer we couldn't refuse. They offered to move us to Boston and send Brian to school. All expenses paid up front. For those of you that have to pay a college tuition, you know how much that is and how hard it is to get a loan.

I know this sort of goes against what we were looking for but not really. We will be living less than 10 miles from his job, he will have a 9-5 schedule, a completely different job and 90% less stress. He will be in school full time. It will be difficult but will pay out in the long run. Neither of us have a degree. If he were ever to leave his company it would be impossible for him to get another job at his level without a degree. We have been talking about one of us getting a degree for some time now. There is never enough money or time. Well now we don't have to worry about the money and we will make the time.

I really can not wait for this. We will all benefit from it. It will be the move for a long time. We will be settling up there until Owen graduates high school. Or I should say until the next one graduates high school. Owen will start kindergarten a few months after we move, Brian will start school and I will probably take some Adobe and photography classes. It will be the best thing for all of us.

Lately we have been talking about having another baby. We were on the fence because it will be so chaotic with Brian working and in school. I think we have finally come to an agreement that we should try in August of 09. I can not wait. I think we are both ready.

OK that wasn't so short but ya know!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and Brian Heatha B! I hope everything works out well for the both of you - there's nothing like things working out and looking up! I'm really happy for you and your fam!
- Joanne

Juvan Family said...

I'm excited for you guys! Going to school full time and working is super stressful so hang in there it is totally worth it!

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